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Sex Education - Steps for Proper Condom Use
The experienced males can slip on a condom in complete darkness—all while being intoxicated. For beginners, putting on a condom may take practice. Some will complain it’s too tight. Others will put it on wrong, and some may notice a loss sensitivity. For the novice user, proper condom use can spare a beginner from diseases and possibly fatherhood.
The Right way and the Wrong Way
You never want to let your first time engaging in sex be the first instance you put on a condom. Remember, condoms are not a 100% guarantee against pregnancy. Users must know and understand the condom’s limitations, from how to place one on to how to check if the condom still is usable. When using a condom, be sure to:
  1. Always check the expiration date before using. Condoms, like milk or cheese, can spoil. Because it includes spermicidal liquid—the white lotion surrounding the condom—a condom’s spermicidal solution can lose its potency.
  2. Perform a pillow test on the condom.  Each individual package is filled with a bit of air. If you squeeze the package and notice an air pocket, it means the package was likely ruptured. Throw it away and use another one.
  3. Put the condom on when fully erect. You always must check that the condom will roll downward with ease. If you put the condom on backwards, throw it away.
  4. Hold the tip of the condom while rolling it downward. The tip will create a small pocket to collect semen once you ejaculate. Once you finish rolling, use your hands to smooth out any air bubbles.
  5. Ensure the condom stays tight. If you notice slippage, stop and put the condom in place. If you see any tears, stop and put on a new condom.
  6. Always use water-based lubricants for latex condoms. Petroleum-jelly can rupture the condom. For added pleasure, add a drop of water-based lubricant to inside of the condom before using.
  7. Once you ejaculate, remove the penis immediately.
If you're new to sex, relax and enjoy the experience. Too often, first timers become anxious and nervous, resulting in premature ejaculation or impotence problems.

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