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Taking a Squat at Lower Back Pain
When life throws lemons, you can choose to make lemonade. When it throws opportunities, you can also choose to take a shot at them. All throughout life, we are enriched with new bliss, trials and experiences that expand mental, physical and sexual knowledge.  

Hours of totting around boxes of belongings to move in to a new place with a significant other, breaking the bed in with steamy romance and carrying a precious fetus nine months to labor can all serve as exertions of physical strength through the crucial moments in life. As we trek on through our daily existence, we use the full range of muscles in our arms legs and back to guide and facilitate our power and movement.

With age, however, physical leaps and bounds can be limited with the introduction of ailments such as sexually exhausted lower back pain caused by masturbation overwhelmly, which is all too common a problem afflicting many Americans both young and old.
It would almost appear that we were inherently designed to over-exert ourselves, often doing so in places as common as the office, the bedroom and the everyday marketplace. There is a continuous flow of jobs that express a need to have employees that are able to lift 30 pounds or more if duty calls for it. While engaging in sexual intercourse, we might feel inclined to exploit our power for optimal sexual stimulation by thrusting and changing positions.

Even in the grocery store, we might find that purchasing the twelve-pack soda and five pound watermelon among other items all require heaving from the car to the kitchen. These stressful events are common triggers of lower back pain. However, alleviating back pain can begin with a simple exercise if we decide to take a “squat” at it. That is a yoga asana squat. 
Chronic lower back pain can inflict prolonged pain and stress. The causes for it stem from a variety of lifestyle factors that include but are not limited to age, illness, injury and disease. Depending on the severity of back pain, those who suffer from it can experience mood swings, general soreness and insomnia.  
Yoga asana is a common exercise used as a method for relaxation and heightened mental, sexual and physical awareness. Used effectively, it can also subdue the chronic complaints of lower back pain. Initiating this exercise can improve back health while also providing other benefits such as a balanced qi and optimally functional reproductive organs.  To maximize the benefits of this lower back exercise, it is advised to follow the guidelines below for completing it properly. 
  1. Place yourself in position—ensure that your knees are directly over your middle toes. As you begin the squat, make sure that your hands are together and pressed against your chest. 
  2. Start Squatting—once your back is in proper alignment, start lowering yourself by bending the knees until your inner arms are tapping your upper thighs. Bend your knees and squat pushing the butt back until your tailbone is barely touching the floor. 
  3. Bring it back to start—Slowly rise from the squat position until reaching initial standing position (Repeat as necessary).

This exercise is beneficial and get easier to complete with consistent exercise and repetition. Those suffering from chronic lower back pain need not feel victimized by this condition, as it is easily targetable and treatable with yoga asana and the use of highly-localized herbal back pain remedies.

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