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Sex Position: Ying to Her Yang
In Chinese philosophy, opposite or contrary forces can be interconnected, and while these forces will be separate entities, they will give rise to each another. Women give rise to men, and men to women. In Ying to Her Yang, these opposite forces will be interconnected, giving rise to pleasure. Each thrust, smack and look will keep couples interconnected and provide a heightened sense of arousal.
Men will start off on their sides, ensuring their bodies remain straight. Women will too lie flat, ensuring their bodies remain perpendicular to a man’s. Once in position, women will bend their hips and place their legs over a man’s chest. Men will then hold their penises to allow a woman to move her hips to achieve penetration.
Why She’ll Love It:
Remember the good ol’ days where you were so tight that the slightest movement of your hips made him orgasm? Maybe you had a few kids. Maybe age took its toll. Maybe you just exercised a bit too much use out of your vaginal muscles.

Whatever the reason, you’re lacking the same sensation as before. With your hips together, you’ll remember the good ol’ days. You’ll feel 18 again. And you just might make your partner orgasm like before.
Why He’ll Love It:
You’ve got a foot fetish. It’s not weird. Bestiality, now that’s weird. But toes? Hell no. Her positioning will give you prime access to kiss, lick and suck on her toes. Collate the deep, tight thrusts as when you two were young and Ying to Her Yang becomes your favorite position.  
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 141
Difficulty: Guru
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Shrinking Penises
Other Positions You May Like: Death Grip
Ideal Penis Size: 7 inches+
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: High

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