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Exhaustion: Fertility’s Worst Nightmare
Studies show that the average person spends 1/3 of his life asleep. 1/3 spent dreaming. 1/3 spent healing the body. But the 1/3 of sleep often is stymied by insomnia, R.L.S., night terrors and snoring. According to studies, millions of individuals suffer from common sleep disorders that make feeling refreshed impossible. 
For women, especially, poor sleep cycles could mean poor menstrual cycles. And without a somewhat normal cycle, it becomes extremely hard for women to conceive. Stress from work deadlines, hectic schedule and even worry brought on by the kids can keep you awake. 
Missing Hours Means Missing Ovulation
Rest gives your body the time it needs to recover from daily activities and stress. Without sleep, the body cannot regulate its hormone production to start ovulation. Each time your body falls into the deep trans of sleep, it activates the production of hormonal chemicals that are lost during daily activity, worry and from exhaustion.

Each time your body fails to fall into this deep trans of sleep known as REM sleep.  
Less REM, Less Sex
REM too plays a vital role in sex. For exhausted women, the hormonal imbalance leads to a deficiency of both testosterone and estrogen, hormones needed to power a woman’s sex drive. But with REM cycles depleted, the body too cannot activate ovulation necessary for conception.

Women who continue to experience low REM sleep cycles often complain of exhaustion, moodiness and irregular menstrual cycles. 
A few skipped nights are unlikely to cause permanent damage to ovulation. There are quite a few ways, which you can beat irregular menstruation and infertility due to sleep depravation. For women who incessantly experience poor sleep cycles, a few methods can help the body regain its proper REM sleep for improved menstruation. 
  1. Relax. The adage “mind over matter” remains a prevalent theme in literature and inspirational stories. Professionals who perform at the highest levels always attest to “relaxation” as the great contributor for them being able to consistently perform. And relaxation proves vital in getting your mind ready for sleep. 
  2. Strict Sleep Schedule. It’s okay to go out and enjoy an evening or two away from the stress, family and responsibilities. But your sleep patterns need to remain consistent. Going to bed at random hours makes it difficult for the mind to develop a rhythm for a proper sleep cycle. Try to keep a strict sleep schedule to help your mind adjust.  
  3. Try all-natural supplements. Often times insomnia is caused by a reduction in melatonin. Thanks to Chamomile, Kava and Valerian root, women can experience an increase in melatonin. While herbal formulas can offer the body the necessary nutrients it needs to restore a proper menstrual cycle

If you continue to suffer from poor sleep patterns and your menstrual cycle continues to suffer because of it, learn how these tips and supplements can aid.

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