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Clitoral Insensitivity & Orgasm Dysfunction

Male envy over the ability of women to achieve multiple orgasms from a wide range of sensations has been a source of controversy for some years.

The fact is, most women achieve orgasm from more than the presence of a penis in their vagina. By the 19th century, most medical journals commonly acknowledged that female sexual satisfaction was incomplete without recognizing the role of the clitoris.

While some have compared it to the sensitive tissue at the head of a penis, the clitoris actually has no correlating organ to the male body as its delicate skin has more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings that extend all along and within the labia.

A healthy clitoris will become engorged with blood and erect when stimulated during foreplay, enhancing sexual pleasure and orgasm. But some women don’t even know their clitoris is desensitized, and may even suffer low self-esteem by silently blaming themselves for not having the same sexual experience as others.

So often women will simply assume that it’s okay to not feel “turned on” whenever they want. Recognizing that a low-functioning clitoris is treatable is often the first step in finding a satisfactory solution to diminished pleasure.

Hormonal imbalance from birth control pills, low testosterone or DHEA, or even a too aggressive vibrator can contribute to a desensitized clitoris, G-spot and overall loss of libido.

With all respect to the techniques employed by the ancient Kama Sutra, to improve blood circulation to the genitals and increase clitoral sensitivity, try Ginkgo Biloba or the aphrodisiacs Damiana, Yohimbe and horny goat weed.

Lisa’s Story

“Lisa” had given up on sex. She figured if she hadn’t had a “real orgasm” by 42, it would never happen. Only after a close friend noticed she was unusually depressed did she confide the source of her anguish. Fortunately, her friend was able to direct her to numerous sites where she learned about rejuvenating clitoris sensitivity.

At first, she thought the herbal supplements and lotions might not be working because she didn’t feel anything right away. But as soon as her body relaxed and she dozed off, she was pleasantly surprised by a tingling sensation around her clitoris that woke her up. She began masturbating and suddenly, for the first time in her life - WHAM! - the Big O like she’d only read about. It took a while before she gained enough confidence to share the experience with her boyfriend, but once she did, there was no turning back.

Now she truly knew what all the fuss was about and was completely in control of how much pleasure she wanted to receive!

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