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Help is on the Way: Using Reflexology to Minimize Menopausal Symptoms
I remember the first time I got a massage. The spa called the cops on me because I refused to get off of the massage table. There is nothing that feels better than a pair of hands on your body and the owner of said hands knowing what to do. The spa I went to performed a technique called reflexology.

Reflexology massages, unlike a typical massage, target specific points on the hands and feet to relieve aches and pains of specific body parts. Relief of these aches and pains can prove helpful for those of us in the pit of hell I like to refer to as menopause.
Reflexology is more than just a foot or hand massage. So, for those who want to make menopause more bearable for their loved ones, please learn about reflexology before trying any other techniques. There are reflexology charts, Internet videos and even library books that can help you master the massage. You never want to let an inexperienced individual perform reflexology techniques on you. Here’s why:  
I once dated a man who told me that he knew all about massage techniques, including reflexology. Like a moron, I believed him and let him massage my feet to stop my stomachache. Instead of pain relief, I ended up in the emergency room with stomach convulsions. Until then, I never felt the urge to choke the life out of someone. Anyhoo, if done right, reflexology can relieve several menopause symptoms.
Touch Me, Baby
Even though all of my menopausal sisters do not suffer the same, a reflexology massage on a specific area will alleviate certain menopausal symptoms. For example, the pituitary gland controls hormones and endorphins, which are responsible for symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and sexual cravings. Other areas pertinent to menopausal women are the adrenal gland, kidney, ureter and thyroid glands.
Menopausal women, like myself, are looking to cure their aches and pains with natural remedies. While reflexology can help with relaxation and pain relief, changing your habits and lifestyle will help you along even further. A proper diet, plenty of exercise, sufficient hours of sleep, and not drinking or smoking will help your body deal with its changes due to menopause.

Since starting menopause, one of my favorite articles is Reflexology Treatment for Menopause, which explains everything having to do with reflexology and menopause, including a reflexology chart.
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