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Bedroom Confidence: Tips for Improving Your Confidence

Confidence exudes sexiness. Confident men always win over the pretty girls. Confident women always keep their partners fulfilled. While it’s easy to promote confidence as an attributing factor to success with partners, your carrying out the mindset proves a bit more cumbersome.
Thanks to Hollywood, magazine ads and even pornography, people experience a contortion of beauty, allowing the media to influence beliefs while affecting confidence levels. The result encourages a state of shyness, discomfort and uneasiness when dealing with the opposite sex. Individuals who constantly compare their bodies or beauty to others will damage their confidence and self-esteem.
As you embark on your journey toward bedroom confidence, you’ll want to exercise these attributing factors to boosting your sexual appeal—in and outside of the bedroom.
Compare Yourself to You: Don’t compete with others—compete with yourself. You should challenge yourself and encourage positive growth—not feel obligated to fulfill a social standard of appealing to the general notion of beauty. Individuals who master their confidence level find themselves happier, more comfortable in their own skin and more sexually empowered.
Abandon the Movie Mentality: Men and women alike view pornography (or movies) as the ideal body type. Large penises, biceps, breasts and buttocks seen in film influence your perception of beauty, but too these influences damage your confidence. You see a man with a 7-inch penis, and you feel obligated to compete against him. Ladies see a woman with a large bust size and feel required to mimic her appearance. You don’t need to compare your body to porn stars or actors. Save your confidence levels by abandoning this mental state.
Love Your Body: Encourage positive thoughts about your body. Love the size and girth of your penis. Enjoy your breast and buttocks. Be confident about yourself so that you can remain empowered about your body.

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