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His erections had lost their firmness, and he just couldn't find a solution. See what we recommended for one frustrated guy, and find out how these recommendations can help you as well.

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Hey, I heard from a friend that he learned how to get rid of his problem with weak erections. I would really appreciate it if you showed me how to "power up" my penis. I want a strong erection so that I won't have a problem during sex. Can you please help?


Weak erections plague millions of men, and I don't need to tell you what a confidence killer they can be. I mean, it's like swinging the hammer on the “Test Your Strength” carnival game and watching the puck stop cold after going only halfway up the tower. You're definitely not going to win the big teddy bear (and you're probably not going to get laid).
Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to improve the quality of your erection. The first is to put on your tightest pair of swim trunks and head to the beach. You'll definitely get a rock hard erection because everyone will be able to see it, and God has a sense of humor. Okay, that's enough bad advice. Now for some real advice...
Stop Masturbating So Much
Over-masturbation is the #1 cause of weak erections. It's also the #2 cause and the #3 cause (yeah, it's that common). If you suffer from weak erections, there is more than a marginal chance that masturbation is to blame, because over-masturbation leads to sexual exhaustion, and trying to get a firm erection while sexually exhausted is like trying to start your car without any gas.
You have depleted your body of important hormones like DHEA and testosterone, while also inflaming your prostate and causing an abundance of inflammatory hormones to wreak havoc through your reproductive system. You may also have caused some tissue damage, which makes it difficult for blood to adequately fill the chambers along your penis. So take a self-love sabbatical for a month or two, and then learn the art of moderation.
Review Your Prescription Drug Use
A variety of prescription drugs can also take an unforgiving toll on your erection quality, so if you're taking any medications, take a good look at the labels and perform a bit of background research. You can find side effects on the FDA website. In many cases, you may be surprised to see “Erectile Dysfunction” listed as a fun surprise associated with your pharmaceutical of choice.
If you're drinking heavily or taking marijuana, I would recommend giving up those habits as well. The problem with drugs is that they manipulate your neurotransmitters (like serotonin and dopamine), which are every bit as important as hormones when it comes to achieving healthy erections.
Take an Herbal Supplement
While I would advise you to say no to drugs, I would also advise you to say yes to natural herbs. Herbs like Cuscuta, Butea Superba, Maca and Schisandra may have funny names, but they have shown tremendous promise in reversing weak erections. They work by restoring tissue, improving blood flow to the penis and replenishing hormones. Try an herbal remedy formulated with these ingredients, and watch the zucchini grow as if it were harvest season. (SEE: Natural Herbal Formula for Soft Erection Rejuvenation)

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