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Learn about a woman who cannot seem to stop her period from dragging on, and what might exactly be causing such a thing.

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Two weeks ago I had my normal period with the exception that it was extremely painful. I started to feel this pain a week before my period. After my period, for about seven days I still bleed, and now I have some reddish brown discharge that is thick. It has now been over a week and I am still experiencing this discharge. Can you please help me?


During the first few months of menstruation, it is normal for young girls to spot a little here and there between their periods. This occurs because of the dramatic hormonal fluctuations that the young female form goes through during puberty.
The Dark Spot
This is a confusing time both mentally and physically for women. Their bodies are actually just as confused as they are when true womanhood hits them. However, an established adult female should not experience a whole lot of spotting in between menstruation. If she does, the problem is most likely a bit more complex than just a simple case of puberty.
Irregular vaginal bleeding or Metrorrhagia is typically brought on by a sudden shift in the usually well balanced hormones. It may also occur in women with endometriosis problems, or uterine fibrosis. Women who are per-menopausal or menopausal are also susceptible to the condition because of the instability of the ovarian function during that particular period of time. As we disused previously, women of a younger age may experience spotting because of the hormonal imbalance which disrupts the levels of progesterone and estrogen. This could be rooted in emotional stress, birth control, anxiety, or drug abuse.
Birth Control Use
A lot of women who use birth control that is progestin based seem to have a problem with spotting. Porgestin is the synthetic version of the naturally produced hormone progesterone. Too much progesterone will typically cause a heavy vaginal discharge. This occurs because the cervix becomes overly stimulated by the synthetic progesterone.
The artificial hormones can cause spotting by way of the uterine lining. When a woman is spotting very little, that blood will remain inside of the vagina and blend itself with your cervical mucus. That blood will then become oxidized and the end result is a vaginal discharge that appears dark black or brown. If the blood is left trapped for too long, yeast that lays in wait inside the vagina may cause the discharge to smell.
How To Fix It
In order to balance out your hormone levels once again, you may consider utilizing herbs such as Dong Quai, Fo Ti, Mexican Wild Yam, and Safflower. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Bleeding Relief) These natural herbs will help to restore the balance between estrogen a progesterone, as well as invigorate the blood so that it circulates properly throughout the body.
If you do not see an improvement over the next few months, I would definitely consult your doctor about the situation at hand so that you may prevent any harmful infection.

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Sharma Musa's picture
Sharma Musa posted on Thu, 03/20/2014 - 14:36
The moment this started happening I would have gone to the doctor. This in no way is normal and it might even be dangerous. At least there's an herbal formula than can help her regulate things now.
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