Penis Exercises: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

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By Abel K Conditions: Men's Penis Pain & Injury Age: 18 - 35

He has over used penile stretches. Now, he is starting to suffer from sensitivity issues.

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I consider myself to be a confident man---except when it comes to the size of my penis. I just wish I were a bit bigger—like maybe an inch or two. I see movies, and I dream of increasing my size to an actor’s length. Recently, I read about techniques that would help me achieve this newfound size. I discovered how jelging could stretch my penis to the size I always desired. I read the how-to article. I tried the technique for a few months, and I saw some minor results. Once the results showed, I started to experience a multitude of problems.

I started to feel slight discomfort toward the base of my penis. It was a minor pain. Then, I noticed my erections were much weaker than before. Every time I got an erection, it felt soft and flaccid. Even during sex I could barely maintain a proper erection to satisfy my partner.

Still, I thought nothing of it. It was only till I saw the bruising surrounding my penis did I begin to panic. Soon after the bruising came, I experience sensitivity issues; I no longer felt stimulation when I touched the base of my penis. I witnessed my penis take on an awkward shape while my erections became weaker and weaker. I am afraid I did some serious damage to myself. Please tell me what I did wrong!


Penile stretches, when done inappropriately, can cause severe damage to your body. In your case, it appears the stretches may have caused bruising and scar tissue to form. Once the scar tissue formed, the penis may have began to contort to an awkward direction. Once you damage the tissue, you will begin to experience sensitivity issues and weak erections.
What You Damaged
It appears you damaged the penile section in your pubis, as well as the blood vessels and tissue surrounding your penis. The bruising may have healed but led to the formation of scar tissue.

Each time you engage in sex or masturbation, the scar tissue becomes pulled at an angle, resulting in the crookedness of the penis. Meanwhile, the ruptured vessels make it impossible to gain a hard-on because of the constricted blood flow.

Almost all penile exercises or stretches very cause a break down of penile spongy tissues in order to actuate the reconstruction of the tissue. Instead, scar tissue, ruptured vessels, and damaged tissue occurs, creating ineffectual results.
The Road to Recovery
Recovering from a penile injury will take time. The scar tissue must be eliminated, while the blood vessels must be restored to their healthy state. The process takes months, and any type of sexual activity during the recovery period can hamper the healing process.

Men in your position tend to usually take all-natural supplements. These products come infused with ingredients that provide essential nutrients to help the body heal faster.

What to do

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