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Learn about a man who's penis has outgrown his girlfriend's vagina, and how she can fit in again.

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I have been practicing the ballooning technique and also some jelqing as well. My penis, which was of normal size, is now a lot bigger. I am very satisfied with the results, but my girlfriend complains. She says that she can barely take it because it is too big. She was able to open up wide enough throughout most of my enlargement but now she can't. Is there any way she can become a little bigger?


It is very possible that while you were growing your penis, your girlfriend experienced a drop of the prostaglandin E-1 synthesis within the vaginal tissues. It is also possible that a prolapse occurred during that time, which caused her cervix and uterus to shift and tilt.
Vaginal Enlargement
There are many women out there that develop sharp stinging pains that focus on the entry of their vagina or deep inside the vaginal walls. Others feel the same pain in their uterus or other internal sexual organs. We call this type of pain brought on by sexual intercourse, Dyspareunia.  It can spring up with specific sexual partners or under special circumstances, such as inserting a tampon. Vaginal entry pain, pains during thrusting, and aching or burning pains are the main symptoms of dyspareunia.
Some of the causes of the condition include, but are not limited to; a tipped uterus, insufficient lubrication, certain skin disorders, fears of intimacy, allergic reactions, or vaginal infections and inflammations.
The Mind Is A Powerful Thing
Over time, and with the help of some natural remedies you girlfriend's vagina will be able to fit the size of your new and improved penis, However, right now she is most likely associating sex with pain because of the level of discomfort she is currently experiencing when intercourse is initiated.
For this reason alone, you should take things slowly when you resume engaging in sex. Simple things like checking if she is comfortable, or in the right head space before engaging in an intercourse session can help matters greatly. Also, making sure that she is properly lubricated is key in this case. I would highly recommend lots of foreplay, and pumping the breaks on the sex train if she seems uncomfortable in any way.
How To Fix It
A well practiced hygiene regimen can also help matters greatly. Women who experience intercourse pain should avoid scented bath products like shower gels, bath salts, or body washes because they can irritate the vaginal area and diminish its natural lubrication.
I would also suggest utilizing an herbal remedy that includes herbs such as Turkey Rhubarb, Muira Puama, Ligustrum, and Catuaba. These natural herbs will help to regenerate the vaginal tissues by way of stimulation. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Intercourse Pain Vaginal Detox & Restoration) They will also improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the immune system, and replenish the balance of essential neurotransmitters that are a necessity to the growth factors needed for tissue rejuvenation.

What to do

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