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I Notice My Acne Flare Up After Eating Junk Food & Masturbation

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: unhealthy diet Age: 18 - 35

Here is a case involving a young man who has been engaging in a little too much self sex-time and is now suffering from acne breakouts. How does he get back to having clear skin?

Case #: 


I’m a typical teenager. I’m reckless. I’m arrogant. And my body is peppered with acne. And I notice my acne flare ups occur after eating junk food. But I noticed another issue, I saw that my masturbation habits too caused me to experience some flare ups. Could my love for masturbation be a problem?


It’s only natural that young guys such as you are experimenting with masturbation. Teenagers are still becoming familiar with their bodies as they grow and during these years boys are trying different things to see what works better, what is more comfortable, what type of environment is most conducive to self-pleasure, and so forth. 
Bummed at These Bumps
Since the brain is still forming during this time, it is more vulnerable to becoming addicted to drugs, such as marijuana and methamphetamine, as well as activities such as masturbation. Both stimulate and release dopamine, a pleasure hormone, providing an exciting and pleasurable rush. As many young men fall in lust with masturbating so too does the probability of taking on the symptoms associated with over masturbation; in your case acne flare-ups.
Let’s break down how this happens. When you whack the wizard a little too much your androgen hormonal levels to elevate, causing the tiny sebaceous glands in your skin to release too much of the oily/fatty matter called sebum to clog these glands, locking in the bacteria that causes acne. Also, when you masturbate and have ejaculations without proper breaks in-between sessions, you place an enormous amount of stress on your testes, causing them to over-convert testosterone, androtestosterone, and DHEA into DHT. 
This flood of DHT into your system stimulates the sebaceous glands through their individual androgen receptors, creating the conditions for the development of acne. And not to scare you but over time, a build-up of DHT in your body can also lead to male baldness, which I’m assuming would not be good to have in your younger years. The acne is bad enough with causing confidence issue, right? So here’s how we change things…
Healing From Within
Your body has a natural defense grid made up of various chemicals which naturally defuse the conditions for acne to even develop at all. Your chronic masturbation has depleted the amount of these helpful chemicals that you have available, so naturally decreasing your masturbatory sessions will let your body build back up its defenses. 3-4 times per week is normal, but not more than that, and definitely never more than once per day.  
If you’d like to really turbo-charge your recovery process, taking a natural botanical formula can really help. (SEE: Acne Outbreak Control Treatment) The specialized properties contained within these powerful remedies can rebalance your hormonal levels, and reduce your elevated DHT levels. They can also increase the blood circulation to your skin and provide it with the nutrients that it needs for reparations. These factors combine to eventually alleviate your ace problems so that you can go back out into the world blemish-free.

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