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Young girl discovers unique toy and relies on it for pleasure. Now, with a real person, she finds sex dull, without sensation, and “too slow”. Has she damaged herself by the use of her electric toothbrush for so many years?

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I discovered masturbation at the young age of 17. I, compared to most girls, didn’t use my fingers—or a vibrator. No, I made use of a more, err, eccentric means to masturbate: an electric toothbrush. After I used it for something other than brushing my teeth, I kept the device in my nightstand so no one would accidentally brush their teeth. Although to hear that someone used my old toothbrush for their teeth would be funny.
After first discovering that my electric toothbrush could serve as an affordable vibrator, I used it for years. People would even ask me, “Hey, what’s this toothbrush doing in your night stand?” I’d giggle and nod my head to say it was nothing of importance. But after years of usage, I finally outgrew my toothbrush and ventured to try a real man for pleasure. Except one problem remains—I hardly experience any sensation. I notice that he goes too slowly to please me. And now I am that worried years of using this makeshift vibrator damaged my body. What the hell did I do to myself?


There are two problems that you’re experiencing, both are completely treatable. The first is that having trained yourself to find pleasure in an extremely specific manner; you’re now having issues enjoying sex in any other way. Besides that, teaching your body to reach orgasm quickly and easily through your toy means that the slower pleasure of another person can be frustrating—especially if you compare it to your solo prowess.
The second problem is that you might truly have desensitized yourself to any sensation besides the extreme sensation of your toothbrush—meaning that normal stimulation feels like almost nothing. First we’ll discuss how to heal your genital region from the possible damages it’s incurred. Secondly, I’ll try to help you find pleasure with a partner.
A Leathery Lover
Constantly using a vibrator or another form of extreme sensation, can lead to desensitization of the genital area. Depending on where and how it was used, some women report a lack of sensation, and some even report pain. The reason for this is because chronic intense stimulation of the delicate area of your genitals causes your body to think it’s being abraded. To protect itself, your body essentially forms internal calluses. Imagine how sensitive your nipples would be with a thick, leathery, cover over them. Not very.
Fixing the Friction Burn
To remedy this, you first have to stop using the abrasive instrument. It sounds like you’ve already done that, so good job! The second thing is to remove the scar tissue from the area. Your body has to do that on it’s own, but you can help it along in certain ways. Reducing inflammation, increasing tissue growth, increasing circulation, and rejuvenating your nerve endings through homeopathy is a great way to start.
Show and Tell
As far as pleasure in bed with a partner goes, I would encourage you to try to be in the moment, enjoying it for what it’s worth. Have you shown your partner what feels good to you? I’m sure it would be helpful to both you and him if you gave him a live demonstration. Do you fantasize differently when you’re alone? Maybe you aren’t mentally stimulated enough when you’re with someone else.
You mention that your partner moves too slowly, is this because he doesn’t dive directly into genital stimulation? Perhaps you’ve never experienced the less intense erotic sensations of your body, and don’t notice them as they compare with the much stronger feelings you enjoy on your own. If so, I recommend focusing on the non-genital sensations and allowing your arousal to build slowly. If you feel he moves too slowly once you get down to business, tell him so! You can have just as much control during partnered sex as you can alone.
Heal Herbally
I suggest you start an herbal supplement designed to restore sensation to the clitoris and enjoyment to sex. (TRY: Natural Formula for Clitoral Restoration) It is formulated to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and nourish the entire genital region. I’m sure that it will help you gain sensation again, and I hope you also find enjoyment with your partner very soon!

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