Penile Numbness: A Discussion And Possible Solutions

Circumcision remains a common practice in many parts of the world. But few consider it genital mutilation. Instead, clitoral and labial removal creates sordid responses.  
Health pundits remain convinced that fewer and fewer reasons exist to remove the foreskin, especially in areas of the world that can perform good hygiene. Despite the warnings and limited advantages of foreskin removal, parents still request the procedure, causing children to experience many negative side effects, including penile numbness, penile keratinization, weak erections and low sexual excitability. 
Penile Keratinization
Stick your tongue out for an extended period of time. The lack of moisture will harden the tissue and kill taste buds. Similar to an exposed tongue, the circumcised penis’s tissue forms into harden skin. This harden, or keratinized, layer of tissue stymies stimulation to the penis. As a result, the damaged skin would be the equivalent of trying to feel something soft with your elbow. And with the skin harden and damaged, the desensitized penis can cause multiple issues—including the inability to orgasm.
Recover the Lost Skin
Fortunately, removed foreskin can experience resurgence to improve sexual stimulation. Similar to the way one can stretch an earlobe through gauging, one can also stretch the skin of the penis to reform the foreskin and protect the penis. And with the foreskin restored, the inner skin of the penis can once again become delicate and highly sensitive.
Doing the Exercise
1. Wash your hands. Dirty hands can introduce bacteria into the urinary tract. 
2. Use your fingers to grab the remaining foreskin. Place one hand on each side of your penis and carefully pull the skin toward the head of the penis.
3. Hold this stretched position for five minutes.
4. Repeat five times a day. If necessary, use lubrication during the stretching process to increase comfort. 
Do not stretch or squeeze the foreskin too hard! Pulling too far or too fast can create a burning sensation that can further injure the penis and decrease sensitivity.  

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Speeding Up Sensitivity
Herbal aid can increase the sensitivity of the penis and protect it during the stretching process. Thanks to Deer Antler, Sarsaprilla Jamaican, Cuscuta, Rehmannia and Pyrola inside the formula, the penis can experience increased blood flow to the injury site, improving the penis’s healing and stretching process. Together these herbs enhance the growth of penile tissue, which assists in foreskin restoration. 
Other herbs, such as Muira Puama, Pygeum Bark, Damiana and Panax Ginseng, help the body produce more testosterone, arginine, ornithine and amino acids essential to the recovery process. And thanks to the arginine, the penis receives increased oxygen levels to provide fresher, healthier blood to the effected area, while the amino acids serve as the building blocks of protein, which promotes tissue growth. 
And finally, Damiana, Cuscuta, Deer Antler and Sarsaprilla in the formula heal damaged nerve endings, giving the penis its natural sensitivity and pleasure.

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