Herbal Remedies to Stop Irritability During the Menstrual Cycle

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The side effects of the premenstrual cycle are seemingly endless and are completely different for each woman. Understanding how PMS effects the body is an important step to helping soothe and prevent major issues. By being aware of what is happening to the body internally, one can find the best ways to feel better.

Uncontrollable Anger & Sensitivity
Among cramping, exhaustion and bloating, irritability is a common problem for most women. It is one of the most notable side effects of the menstrual cycle and certainly the most talked about. A big stereotype of menstruating women is uncontrollable anger and sensitivity. Although this is an exaggeration, even mild irritability can be disruptive for work and personal relationships.

For some women this constant irritation can be unbearable, and no matter how hard they try, their moods are too overwhelming to deal with. Many women avoid making plans or leaving the house because of how their moods are affected.

Bad Moods
Periods do not have to feel like they’re interrupting life. Finding a cure for irritability can be as simple as looking to the herb section in your local grocery or health food store. Mood swings and bad moods may be attributed partially to the physical pain and discomfort that a menstrual cycle can bring, however it is also caused by hormones changing during the period.

A deep breath and a combination of natural products can completely change the outlook of a menstrual cycle.

It is believed that hormonal fluctuations are the biggest cause of mood swings and irritability during the menstrual cycle. Ingesting plants and herbs with phyto-estrogens will help balance and promote estrogen production.

Phyto-estrogrens are also called dietary estrogens, as they are not derived from within the body but from the estrogen of plants. Phyto-estrogen compounds balance hormones by acting like estrogens and helping to restore the amount of estrogen in the body. Balancing out what the body depletes during the cycle can help regulate moods.
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Helpful Remedies
The best herbs and items with phyto-estrogens are quite convenient to find. There are a wide variety of herbs that specialize in balancing hormones in addition to problems such as desensitized vaginas, low libido, depression and more.
Before trying abrasive pain killers or addicting mood stabilizing medicine, a natural remedy may be a safe and healthy route to try. Natural remedies do not cause withdrawal or damage to the liver. Even prolonged use is okay. Add vitamins and herbs to a routine of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga to get a grip on irritating periods and a more optimistic outlook.

It can be difficult to shake a bad mood that is brought on by the menstrual cycle, but irritability is not impossible to shake. Avoiding a hopeless outlook will help clear up cloudy skies any day.

What to do

Natural Phytoestrogen PMS Relief

Many herbal plants contain natual, estrogen-like compounds called phyto-estrogens that are thousands of times less potent than human estrogen and easily degraded in the body. These phyto-estrogen compounds actually circulate in the blood at levels... Read more
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