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Massage and Nourish X-Spot For Bigger Penis Size

For years, men have searched for ways to enlarge, lengthen, and widen their penises. Some have had great

success while others have experienced insignificant and unsatisfactory progress. The penis, much like any body part, varies from genetics and hormonal levels, but penis size also becomes altered by  weight, age and even  masturbation habits. While most individuals assume genetics or ethnicity play important roles, it's hormones and blood circulation that affect size the most. 

Men, just like women, contain a mysterious spot hidden along the genital area that can create intense sensation. Except for men, this hidden spot can too serve as a stimulant for growth of the corpora carvernosa, the sponge-like tissue of the penis. And while the location of this “X-Spot” differs within each man, Chinese TCM doctors believe the spot is not isolated to one area, but to several Huiyin-accunpuncture points that create stimulation and growth.

Massaging the X-spot can prove beneficial for the following males:

  • Men born with small penises.
  • Men who experience a buildup of plaque inside the penis due to over masturbation that can cause 10 percent of shrinkage or more.
  • Men who experience severe shrink caused by penis injuries.
  • Men who wish to restore penis size and width after severe penis shrinkage. 

Thanks to a wealth of research, feedback and literature, researchers have found two easy techniques to locate your X-Spot:

Reverse V Hook Technique
  1. Grab your erect penis with one hand.
  2. Use the index and middle fingers from the other hand to form a reversed  “V” hook formation.
  3. Place the V-shaped fingers at the root of the penis, known as the corpus spongiosum. Slide your fingers along the shaft while applying some pressure. If necessary, use a small amount of lubrication.
  4. Stop at the head of the penis. Slide the fingers backward toward the root of the penis.
  5. Repeat five times.
  6. Pay attention to areas that create a different sensation to your fingers' touch. These areas may be the locations of your body's X-Spot. Once found, keep sliding and stopping at the same spot for one to three minutes. 
Locating Huiyin With Middle Finger
  1. Sanitize your hands
  2. Use your middle finger to locate the intersection between your anus and the root of the scrotum
  3. Apply light pressure to the spot. Using your middle finger, perform a circular motion for five minutes.
  4. Pay attention to pulsating or light stinging sensations. These indicators will be the location of your X-spot, an area critical to help with penile tissue damaged by age and excessive masturbation.

Once you located your X-Spots through techniques, take nourishing herbs to enhance the results of penile tissue growth. The supplements below contain herbs such as Catuaba, Sarsaprilla Jamaican, Herba Cistanchi, Rehmannia Glutinosa, Cuscuta Chinensis, Aconitum Carmichaelii, Avena Sativa, Fo-Ti and Schizandra that provide the necessary rejuvenation factors for explosive penile growth.

Together, these healing herbs are based on the following: 

Taking herbal nutrients and massaging the X-Spot will stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, HGH and growth factors for penile tissue growth. In addition, most of these herbs will minimize the plaque buildup caused by excessive masturbation. 

Shared Experiences and Tips:

Before you start trying these penile enlargement techniques, use a measuring tape and record your penile length, width and girth. Check back and record your size each month. You will see a difference!

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