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Sex LIfe Diminishes As Men Age. The Body, Meanwhile, Experiences As Depletion Of Testosterone

A 53-year-old male still maintains erections, but does not feel penile contractions, and as time goes on, it gets harder for him to achieve an orgasm. Sometimes, he doesn’t even orgasm at all

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I used to have a great sex life that was accompanied by fantastic orgasms. However, as I’ve gotten older, my energy levels have decreased. I still have no problem getting an erection, but for some reason, I can no longer feel my penis contracting. And where I used to have great orgasms, now I have none.

Is this due to my getting older, or is this something else? Any help would be much appreciated.


Sex life diminishes as men age. The body, meanwhile, experiences as depletion of testosterone, the main driver of male sexual prowess and the chemical that fills life with phenomenal sexual climaxes.

Age causes people to become moody and anxious. Some aging folks exhibit signs of depression; others, waning or unsatisfactory sex-life. The main culprit for these issues: low testosterone.

Testosterone controls everything from the desire for sex to mood. And depletions of this chemical can cause a rare, but curable dysfunction called male orgasm disorder.

Darn it!
Some males can engage in sex for hours; others, minutes. The duration will vary from man to man. But males who suffer from male orgasmic disorder will be unable to orgasm no matter the amount of stimulation.

To women, the endurance proves alluring; to men, it damages their egos. These prolonged delays, or in some instances, complete absence of orgasms, can be infuriating and make a man feel “less than a man.”

Signs of Male Orgasmic Disorder

  1. Anxiety, depression or general moodiness (crabbiness)
  2. Lowered sex-drive
  3. Takes prolonged amount of time to reach orgasm or complete absence of orgasm

Get Your Mojo Back!
Even though male orgasmic disorder is a rare dysfunction, it is treatable. Thankfully, male testosterone levels may be naturally augmented through the use of powerful herbal formulas that are now available on the market. Following a steady treatment of these specialized botanicals, along with a healthy diet, can halt the effects of male orgasmic disorder, but also reverse the problems and super charge your sex life!

What To Expect With Herbasl Mixtures:

  1. mprove pleasure
  2. Refine ejaculatory contractions for a more satisfying orgasm
  3. Increased natural testosterone production (stay away from the artificial stuff)
  4. Send more blood toward the genitals

What are you waiting for? Take back that exciting sex-life that you used to have!

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