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I Think So, But I Can't Remember: Dealing With Sexual Exhaustion Memory Loss
I think it goes without saying, that we all enjoy pleasuring ourselves. For many women, masturbation is a great stress reducer. Just like sex, a good old fashion click of the button, will release the kind of endorphins we need to elevate the burden of our everyday lives.
Am I Missing Something
I count myself very lucky to have found out at such a young age, how decompressing self discovery of my own body really is. I've always suffered from a high frequency of stress, and without the gift of masturbation, I fear I would have turned to outer means to achieve the kind of mindless relaxation that I desperately needed at the time.
The Down Side
So now that we all agree how amazing the power of touch is, what if I told you that too much of the magic stroke could possibly be detrimental to your mental capacity? Unfortunately, this is actually the case for some people. And it really begs the question, “Just how much is too much?”
Masturbation is a perfectly normal, human function...Nobody is arguing that fact. However, the amount of time that we spend clicking the button or rubbing and tugging, is up for debate. For women, masturbation and vibrator use can cause vaginal and clitoral insensitivity, clitoral tissue damage, and in some more severe cases, memory loss.
How Does This Happen
These types of symptoms become noticeable because excessive masturbation actually lessens the amount of acetylcholine, melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine that is able to get to the brain. When the levels of serotonin are depleted, epinephrine runs wild throughout the mind and memory loss sets in.
As a common rule of thumb, I do not exceed masturbation of more than three times a week. Granted, that number will of course by a bit higher for younger men and women, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Believe me, I completely understand how rampant the hormones are flowing during those lovely pubescent years. During that time, it's very common for both young men and women to masturbate well over three times a week.
I would be wary of engaging in masturbation practices before puberty though. This type of over sexualized behavior can have deep seeded ramifications later in life.
How To Remember
Of all things, I really wouldn't brag about my capacity to remember things. I wouldn't exactly say I have a problem with actual memory loss, but let's just say that the sticky-note basically dictates my life. Luckily, there are natural remedies that can reverse the cause of memory loss and also help to quell other sexual exhaustion symptoms. Chinese Club Moss is known as the memory herb. It contains the chemical, huperzine A. Huperzine A is a known memory enhancer that protects the brain from toxic poisons that deter the mind from remembering important information. It is also a great help to patients of Alzheimer's disease.
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