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Getting Hard & Staying Hard – You Can Reverse Noodle Dick with DHEA
I was watching an older cowboy movie the other day (black & white), which was about a man and his wife who lived on a sprawling ranch in the southwestern US. He owned many heads of cattle and perhaps his acreage was a little too large because it soon caught the attention of a group of bandits.
It didn’t take long for one of the ranch hands to come galloping back to the ranch with news of the bandits stealing cattle and riding them off to sell them somewhere else. The main rancher guy’s wife asked him what they should do – and I’ll never forget this part – he basically ignored her and sat silently, thinking. Then he murmured: “Well…I’ll handle this my way.”
His Way
The next morning (I’m sure after a good night of lovin’ from the misses), our boy rode out silently on his horse with not only his pistol, but a rifle as well (and plenty of ammo). He gave those bandits hell for the rest of the film.
Another time, I was checking out a science fiction film in which a crew was trapped on board a space ship which had become damaged in an alien attack. Again, the lead male in the movie was asked by one of the women on board what they should do, and likewise there was the same result: the man didn’t even turn to look at her, he just sat silently for a while and then told her (briefly) of his plan.
Yes – Confidence is Sexy
Throughout time, women have found confidence to be of utmost importance on the list of desirous traits they prefer. Yes, stature (height and weight) is up there, as well as the ability to provide (success), but a man has to be confident (and many times an a**hole) for women to respect him. In other words, the strong and silent type who doesn’t really care what a woman thinks about him, he does whatever he wants, when he wants. That’s another reason that women love the badboy types so much.
When it comes to sex, being able to please a woman is also high on the list, since it means that she’ll most likely be able to get some good orgasms in. If a man isn’t able to perform, in some cases (not all) a woman may leave that person for a new lover.
When women are appraising a prospective mate in the beginning stages of dating, a man with confidence usually signals to her that he is able to throw down in the sack, since guys who have noodle penises usually don’t go around with an air of cockiness (no pun intended).
Many men who lack confidence have erectile dysfunction problems. They are stressed out and anxious about the prospect of embarrassing themselves with their next sexual conquest. Some have arrived at this state because they’ve had too much or masturbated in the past and have depleted their body’s supply of HGH, DHEA, testosterone, and other growth factors.
Drug and alcohol abuse could also throw a man’s hormonal levels off balance, resulting in drastic changes within one’s body chemistry. Whatever the case, this state of chronic depletion inhibits a man from either getting his penis hard, or maintaining an erection for more than a few minutes.
Plump it Up Naturally
Try eating foods which are naturally high in DHEA, including fish and fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids), lean, free-range meats, fruits and vegetables, soybean products, olive oil, and yams. Do your own research and find out what foods you prefer which are loaded with DHEA and seek them out, because DHEA is one of the primary precursors to testosterone production, which powers the sex drive.
If you really want to get serious about regaining your erectile strength, try complementing your new diet with an all-natural DHEA supplement. (SEE: DHEA for Maximum Capacity Erection Restoration) These supplements help to bolster the amount of DHEA, a naturally occurring chemical that the body produces, within one’s body. They can also help to:
  • Improve your sense of well-being
  • Increase sexual energy and libido
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reverse adrenal deficiencies
  • Enhance erection tissues and improve blood circulation for firmer erections
So get back in the game; you don’t have to be a badass cowboy or a stoic star ship captain to be confident, but you do need to perform sexually, so do so with DHEA!
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