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Sex Position: Clitoral Pectorals

He wants to workout his pectoral muscles; you want to stimulate your muscles. Clitoral Pectorals gives you both. Ladies who miss the deeper penetration will remain allured by the profound size difference this position creates. While gentlemen feeling inadequate will notice a bevy of moans and screams from their partners. And if you skipped the gym, gentlemen, you’ll make up for it with Clitoral Pectorals.

Requiring moderate flexibility, ladies will start off on their backs. Then, ladies will move their legs toward their chests, using a pillow to place underneath their buttocks for added support. Once in position, males will kneel forward and slide their penises into place. As the male leans forward, females will press their feet against the males’ chest.

Why She’ll Love It:

If you like to tease your man, ladies, this position is for you. By straightening your leg, you can create a semblance of shallow penetration, and by bending your leg again, he will feel the deeper insertion you both love. And speaking of deeper penetration, if you notice your guy lacks length where it matters most, the bending of your knees will be sure to please you. Because your man will be leaning forward at an angle, each thrust will stimulate your clitoris too, even if you’ve lacked the right type of sensitivity.

Why He’ll Love It:

Gentlemen, you may have lacked depth as of lately. With added sensory penetration, each thrust will drive you wild. And because she’ll be teasing you throughout this ride, no matter how small you may feel, she’ll love your size.

About This Position:

Sex Position Number: 38
Difficulty: For Experienced Couples
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her:  High
Not Suitable For:  Women Vaginal Pain or Males with E.D. Issues
Other positions you may like: Neck Tie
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Medium
Flexibility Required: Medium

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