Premature Ejaculation – Problems Associated With Excessive Caffeine Consumption.

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Premature Ejaculation Age: 18 - 35

Here we read about a man who has been addicted to caffeine and is now experiencing issues with his sex life; he’s not able to keep things going for too long. If you or anyone that you know is going through this, read on for a solution.

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When I’m working out on the treadmill, I can run for 45 minutes to an hour with little problem. If only my endurance were similar in the bedroom. I barely last a few minutes. And now I am worried that my lack of endurance will cause my wife to be upset. Here’s an outlook of my lifestyle and choices:
  • Heavy caffeine drinker
  • Light smoker
  • Exercises often
  • 27 years old
Please help!


When I got back to the States from being overseas in the military, my first car was a nice, slick-looking turbo-charged deal. I’ll never forget test driving it; taking it around a few blocks and the salesman (also ex-military) telling me: “Take her for a spin on the freeway!” So we jumped onto the nearby onramp, I put the pedal to the medal and Whooooosh! That turbo kicked in so hard that our heads snapped back. Yeah, what a good salesman he was; that was it, I had to have that car.
Stuck on Fast Forward
Later on after driving the car around and breaking it in further I noticed that certain issues started to pop up with the engine and transmission and they started to become more serious. When I did more research on water-cooled turbo systems I realized that they tend to wear out engines faster because they place so much stress on them to perform. They also burn through water and fuel faster than regular engines.
In this busy, busy go-getter society that we live in these days, there is an emphasis (at least in the cities) to always be on the go and striving for goals. People can come to feel that they need some sort of extra boost or an edge if you will, in order to be competitive in life. Many turn to different sorts of stimulants and drugs, some hard and some “less hard,” in your case caffeine, which is in fact classified as a stimulant drug.
Like any drug caffeine can be addictive and result in abuse. More recently, scientists have discovered that chronic caffeine use can cause internal problems including cardiovascular and digestive systems which in turn result in sexual issues. In fact, not only does caffeine induce hyper-activity of the prostate but it also causes dramatically heighten anxiety by causing the release of too many stress hormones and ACTH into the body. This can lead to performance anxiety as well as premature ejaculation.
Wind it Down
If you can quit cold turkey do so. If it’s not yet feasible to do so because you’re addiction is too strong, consider doing something that can work with your body’s own natural defense array and which won’t give you a bunch of unwanted side-effects, so as pharmaceutical drugs. That way you can ease up on your caffeine intake gradually.
To get your body back to a healthy state as well as detoxify it from the harmful effects of chronic caffeine consumption taking a natural herbal formula can be just what you’re looking for. (SEE: Premature Ejaculation Relief Caused by Excess Caffeine) The specialized ingredients in these mixtures can really boost your liver function which will allow it to eliminate the excessive amounts of caffeine within your body and also build up your parasympathetic nerves which control your ejaculatory valve. This will enable you to take back control of your diminished sex life take care of any anxiety issues that you may be experiencing. You can still be fast without being turbo-charged.

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