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How to Stop Sex From Weakening Your Game

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By Justin Wren Conditions: Men's Over Masturbation Causes: low testosterone Age: 18 - 35

A loving girlfriend learns how sexual activity can affect a man's ability to perform athletically.

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My boyfriend remains adamant that sex alters his athletic ability. He continues to claim that each time we have sex before a game, he under performs. According to him, he feels “energy depleted.” As a woman with high needs, I find his claim ridiculous. I want to release my sexual tension, but I cannot do so before the games. My question is simple: Does sex or masturbation really alter an athlete's performance on the field?


There's a great line from the infamous sports film Rocky: “Women weaken legs.” While it isn't always necessarily accurate, it is true that having sex can have an affect on the way a man performs physically. Both mind and body contribute to an athlete's ability to do well on the field. If their body is fatigued or sexually exhausted through excessive masturbation, there is every chance that they will suffer from performance issues. 
It may be a bit superstitious to suggest that sexual activity completely alters athletic ability, but there is some truth to the concept. Just as with other physical activities, sex can burn a lot of energy and leave a body less equipped to deal with the stress of an athletic event such as a sports game. In addition, having an orgasm can alter the makeup of hormones in a man's body, which will definitely have an affect on his ability to perform.
Depleted Energy
It may just sound like superstition, but the truth is that sexual activity does indeed deplete the body of much needed energy and nutrients. After each ejaculation a man experiences, his body releases a hormone called prostaglandin E-1 which helps to relax muscles and joints. This is a great short term method of relief, but after the sexual act is completed, less of the hormone is produced. This requires the body to rest and recuperate the levels of this hormone in the body, which puts added stress and fatigue on your boyfriend. 
That being said, one orgasm probably isn't going to affect hormone levels so much that it will ruin an athlete's performance. The real negative effects of this hormonal imbalance aren't typically felt unless there is an excess of sexual activity. While it is true that excessive sex activities can cause problems with an athlete's ability to perform, it is also true that the belief in a superstition can cause just as many issues.
Is It All In His Head?
The short answer is no. The long answer is that being superstitious about sex can alter the way your boyfriend thinks about the activity, causing him to put added psychological emphasis on not having sex before a game. This can cause him to under perform if he attempts to engage in the act or even after the fact.

Regardless of whether or not his beliefs have anything to do with what he might experience, it's important to understand that there are both physical and mental reactions to sexual activity that can have an affect on how an athlete performs on the field.
Getting Him In The Mood
It can be difficult to overcome the psychological effects of long held beliefs in superstitions, but with a little help I'm sure you'll be able to change his mind. Just because he might be partially correct about sexual activity possibly having a negative affect on an athlete's ability to perform doesn't mean that you two can't still have fun. Not every orgasm has to end in ejaculation, which is the primary issue with the depletion of prostaglandin E-1 and testosterone.

There are several forms of foreplay that can help you to achieve satisfaction even if he doesn't ejaculate. In addition to a variety of sexual techniques, there are herbal supplements that can help to impede his orgasm, keeping him from suffering any of the psychological or physical effects of sexual activity that might alter his athletic ability. Through the use of both all-natural remedies, you can both have fun in bed without affecting his ability to perform on the field the next day.

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