Cleanse Your Liver: The First Step to Stopping Vaginal Discharge Caused by Birth Control

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She has experienced brown vaginal discharge since starting birth control five months ago. She has no other symptoms and hasn’t been sexually active in more than two months. The solution is to detoxify her liver so she can rebalance her hormones and stop the excessive discharge.

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I recently have had a brown vaginal discharge. I am a little over a week before my period is due, and this is my fifth month of being on birth control. I have no pain or itching, and there is no odor. I haven’t had intercourse, or any sexual activity for that matter, in over two months. Any idea?


Birth control has undergone many different perceptions since its introduction in the 1960s. Americans first heralded it as the catalyst for sexual liberation, but shortly after, when doctors discovered it contributed to breast cancer and stroke, the pill fell from grace.

It later bounced back and is today taken by millions of women. However, oral contraceptives still have unwanted side effects, most of which go unannounced so that females have no idea what they’re putting into their bodies. One of those effects is vaginal discharge, which results from hormonal imbalances caused by birth control.
Hormones Influenced by Birth Control
During her 28-day cycle, a woman’s hormone levels naturally fluctuate. This complex process is intended to encourage pregnancy but gets interrupted by birth control. Such disturbance is the point in order to prevent pregnancy, but the long-term effects of birth control on fertility and overall health remain unknown. 
To further complicate matters, many women take the pill to counteract common symptoms of PMS: cramping, mood swings and irregular periods, just to name a few. But oral contraceptives contain either estrogen-alone or have either two ingredients – synthetic forms of estrogen and progesterone.

The former is more popular in today’s market because it is supposed to be healthier. The problem is that a woman with PMS typically has excess estrogen and is deficient in progesterone. Ingesting a contraceptive made predominantly of estrogen only contributes to the already-existing hormone imbalance.
Effects of Birth Control on the Liver
Oral contraceptives do more than cause hormonal imbalances. In fact, they are associated with many side effects that rarely get discussed. For instance, you probably have never thought about the correlation between birth control and your liver, but it is there and has serious implications for your health.
Although rare, birth control has been linked to liver tumors and disease. Both of these scenarios can cause liver failure, in which the blood is not cleansed of toxins. Liver dysfunction also means chemical are not converted for appropriate use in the body. Oral contraceptives with synthetic estrogen and progesterone chemicals thus accumulate as toxins, further adding to a woman’s hormonal distress and impeding her physical health.
Progesterone and Vaginal Discharge
All this talk about birth control and progesterone is to demonstrate how they cause vaginal discharge. Some pills prevent pregnancy by ceasing ovulation, which in turn causes a progesterone deficiency in the body. In a 28-day cycle, the ovary involved with ovulation makes progesterone.

The hormone is not produced without ovulation. Meanwhile, an abundance of estrogen prompts the cervix to over-produce mucus. Additional discharge ensues, which tends to be brown if the body is also expelling uterine lining. This accounts for the spotting that many women on birth control experience in between periods. 
Balance Your Body
The first step you must take is to explore other birth control methods. These are numerous and don’t have to include a chemical-laden pill that can damage your bodily functions. Speak to your doctor, research your options and make a choice based on your individual needs.
You also need to detoxify your liver to expel the toxins that have accumulated in your body. You can do this with a detoxification formula made with all-natural herbs (See more: Vaginal Infection Relief & Detoxification). Ingredients like Mexican Wild Yam can improve liver function, while Calendula helps expel toxins. Other herbs will also re-balance your hormones and return your body back to a strong and healthful state.

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