Gone, But Not Forgotten: What to Do When You’re Missing Your Lubrication Mojo

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When you’re in the first bloom of sexual romance, the biggest problem most of us have to deal with is generally our partner’s inexperience, which can definitely lead to pain and dryness, but from a lack of arousal, rather than any sort of physical problem. And then, when you think you’ve got life and love all figured out, the other shoe drops. All of a sudden, sex is all dried up.
Sandpaper Pussy
At some point after thirty-five, your moist jungle begins to turn into a sad, dry, desert. No matter how aroused you are, or how much you’re craving sex, once you get into the act, there’s a noticeable lack of lube. For many women, this feels truly defeminizing; it’s embarrassing to seem like you aren’t interested or turned on during the sexual process, and both parties’ sexual experience takes a nose-dive.
An Unsavory Solution?
What can you do during these painful situations that won’t completely destroy your feelings of sexuality? I’m sure every woman has negative associations with the idea of using lubrication during sex, similar to how men are negatively disposed to use erectile dysfunction medicine: we see it as an acknowledgment of a problem within ourselves, or something we’re doing incorrectly, rather than a simple medical issue that almost one hundred percent of females will go through.

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Slip It On, Slip it In
However, it’s this very lubrication that can assuage many of the problems that come up around this time. It’s just not worth it to have dry, painful sex, when a little dab’ll do ya and your partner. It might seem humiliating to stop your partner in the middle of the sex act with a request for an oil-up, but you’ll both enjoy the rest of your time so much more.
A Juicy Story
Lisa was only forty-two when she began experiencing vaginal dryness during sex. “All of a sudden, I wasn’t getting wet,” she said. “My husband didn’t think too much about it at first; we’d both been working more, trying to save up for a new condo…but then the problem didn’t go away.” She began to avoid having sex, embarrassed by how her once-moist vagina was now, to her, a deserted wasteland.
The more Lisa pulled away from her husband, the worse their relationship became. “He thought I wasn’t attracted to him anymore,” said Lisa, “He assumed I was seeing someone else, and began to accuse me of cheating on him, and threatening to leave. It was a terrible time.” Unfortunately, the more Lisa tried to reassure him of her interest, the more he didn’t believe her, as she just couldn’t back up her words with action.
Finally, as a last resort, she picked up a bottle of lubrication and planned a date night with her husband. Both were tense, but as the night wore on, a few glasses of wine loosened them both up. Lisa discreetly snuck away to apply some lube a few minutes before they went to bed. “I used more than I thought I could possibly need, but I didn’t want to worry in the moment,” Lisa laughed.
When they finally slipped between the covers, Lisa’s husband was so pleased to find her “responding” once again to his caresses. They came together with an intensity that bespoke their lengthy separation. “It was amazing, just like it used to be,” said Lisa. She continued to use the lube secretly, but after some time, when they had regained trust in one another, Lisa brought it out in the open. “My husband didn’t bat an eyelash, he was just happy to be having sex again,” Lisa giggled.
Take Back Your Body!
The aspects of menopause and the beginning of menopause can be truly devastating to relationships. At least there’s a way to take back your body! There are so many lubes to choose from, and it can be an interesting way to spice up your relationship to choose one of the more active compositions. (SEE: Wild Yam Vaginal Moisturizing Gel) Don’t let your love life be destroyed; you deserve to have good sex.

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Wild Yam Vaginal Moisturizing Gel For Vaginal Dryness

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