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Stop-Start Technique For Premature Ejaculation

Most people email the Herballove editorial team asking for sex tips. Suggestions vary from endurance and techniques to speed and performance. Great sex depends on personal tastes. Some couples enjoy a bit of punishment; others, foreplay. Despite each individual’s personal interests, core ingredients make up great sex: endurance, speed, and technique. Some couples know how to excite their partners; others require some guidance. (MoreTips,Techniques)

No matter your personal interests, endurance makes for the most important core ingredient for great sex.

Some men just cannot handle the pleasure. They become over stimulated and explode prematurely. Others become anxious and pop, while some produce too much pre-cum that leads to an unwanted explosion. No matter if its anxiety or too much pre-cum, men can improve their endurance to save their sex lives.

Stop Then Start

Designed as a form of sexual training for men lacking endurance, the Start-Stop Method helps men better impede their desires to ejaculate. The Start-Stop Method builds endurance by increasing the degree of stimulation. Each repetitive cycle enhances the threshold of stimulation.
Step One: Stimulate your body until you gain an adequate erection.
Step Two: Engage in sex as you normally would.
Step Three: As you feel your desire to orgasm, stop!
Step Four: Take a break from sex while keeping an erection.
Step Five: Repeat steps 2-4.
Each time you feel the urge to ejaculate, stop. The goal is to stymie an ejaculation for as long as possible to improve your stimulation level. If you begin to see your erection strength dip, try lubrication or visual stimulations. Get herbal assistance to help you practice it better. Also, explain to your partner what the technique is designed to accomplish. The Stop-Start method can irritate a woman because it prevents her from reaching an orgasm. Still, patience and practice are key for improving endurance.

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