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The Quest For A Bigger Size

Here is a case involving a gentleman who has been daydreaming about having a larger penis, even checking out images of other men’s penises and feeling a little inadequate by comparison. How can he get a larger member?

Case #: 742


I know this will sound a bit strange, but I look at the pictures of penises all day—and I’m a heterosexual male. Now to be clear, I enjoy the company of women, but I do want a larger penis. I look at these penises and wonder, “wow, how can I achieve that?” I’ve done plenty of research, and most of the information that I have found resembles a scam. After reading a few articles on your site, I feel a bit more confident in penile enlargement products. But my question is how do some of these products work?


No, that doesn’t sound strange at all. In fact it’s quite normal for men to for instance, behold a juiced up professional bodybuilder’s almost freakish physique. And what about those UFC fighters? A lot of men look at the fighters’ bodies and even try to draw correlations between the ripped ones being more capable of winning a fight than the more pudgy ones, which often isn’t the case.

Out of the Shadows
On the subject of penis size, men know that women really do prefer larger penises, it’s like this is knowledge that is imprinted into our DNA. This has spurred on an age old quest for men that feel inadequate to seek out devices, procedures, or techniques in order to gain penis size. According to National Geographic Online, studies show that women prefer men whom have wide shoulders/small waists, are on the taller side, and yes; have large penises.

This concerted and sometimes desperate search for ways for men to add size to their members has led some to go under the surgeon’s knife with potentially disastrous results. Others may start up bizarre penile weight lifting regimens that often lead to penile injuries, and still others turn to using goofy devices such as vacuum pumps which can disfigure a man’s member. You are correct when you mentioned that much of the information out there is complete rubbish. All manner of shady and dishonest snake-oil salesmen have slithered out of the shadows in order to prey upon these poor souls. Luckily for some men such as yourself, a little bit of due diligence has paid off and you have avoided these schemes. So what is a practical and safe way to gain some size for Mr. Happy down there?

Hulk Penis
First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not masturbating excessively (more than 4 days a week) since that can lead to penis shrinkage. Other factors include becoming overweight, getting older, and having too much stress in your life (who doesn’t these days right?). If any of these factors are playing a role in your life you’ll want to take the appropriate steps (except for age) to counteract them.

You may also be interested in taking a natural botanical formula in order to stimulate penile growth factors in a safe fashion. (SEE: Natural Penile Enlargement) Certain specialized mixtures within these powerful herbs can not only increase the amount of blood flow used in pumping up your erections, but they can also expand the interconnected penile blood chambers themselves, leading to an extension in length and a widening of width. Other benefits include boosting your body’s production of HGH, testosterone, dopamine, and nitric oxide, for harder erections, as well as promoting the factors that increase the volume of ejaculations you are able to have. So stop daydreaming about having a larger member and take a safe, natural path to making it a reality.

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睾丸激素缺失的案例 多年的强迫性手淫导致他的睾丸激素水平下降得比跳伞运动员在空地上跳伞还快。最糟糕的是什么?当时他只有37岁。如果你对这个故事听起来很熟悉,那就学习一下你能做些什么来应对激素丢
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