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Several euphemisms for the vagina exist, in every language to describe the attributes of the organ in a non-offensive way. Even the phrases in English are staggering because of their variety. Some are affectionate, i.e., “mount pleasant,” some are silly, i.e., “foofy bird,” some are cryptic, i.e., “Jack Straw's Castle,” and some are merely descriptive, i.e., “crease.” But many of them make reference to unpleasant smells, which can lead to a foul-smelling penis. So is this a matter of “he smelled, she smelled?”
The Cave Of Wonders
The vagina is a specialized arrangement of skin. It is also a very rich environment for life, beyond the production of human babies. It is kept at a constant temperature and maximum humidity. It is also awash with various substances like hormone secretions, tissue discharge and traces of urine, all substances microorganisms can consume. And consume they do.

The array of microorganisms found in the vagina of a woman is known as her “vaginal flora,” which consists of more than 20 kinds of microorganisms that all contribute to vaginal health in some way. Most of them amount to either keeping harmful microoganisms from establishing a presence or maintaining a particular (usually slightly acidic) pH level in the vagina.
The irony of most women's hygiene practices, or lack thereof, is that they can disrupt the balance of the vaginal flora and lead to poor vaginal health, including an unpleasant smell. The smell, in turn, can be passed on to sexual partner, especially if a man does not wear a condom.
Keeping “Happy Valley” Fresh
Despite the billions of dollars spent on advertising for supplies and equipment to keep the vagina clean, you don't really need much. All that is necessary are warm water and mild, non-antibacterial soap.

A clean, soft cloth can be very helpful too, but you don't need to splurge on anything too expensive. Scrub thoroughly but gently, the same as you would wash any other sensitive body-part like the underside of your breasts or your navel.
Remember that many members of your vaginal flora are working hard to maintain your health. For this reason, douching is not recommended because it tends to remove all of your vaginal flora and leave your now-defenseless vagina open to invasion from harmful microorganisms. If you really can't get ride of the foul odor, try natural remedy that contain Myrica Rubra to help you out. 
Finally, there's nothing wrong with you and your partner cleaning each others' genitals after sex. The ordeal can lead to a new level of intimacy in your relationship, given how much trust each of you must display to allow the other to touch such a sensitive part of your bodies. The only real downside is the possibility of cleaning leading to foreplay for another round of sex.
In the end, remember that good hygiene contributes to and maintains good health, not to mention good sex!
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