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Feeling sexhausted? Stimulate Yourself with Bioenergy Herbs
In the morning, you wake and are reminded of the chronic backache that still causes you pain or stiffness. You get up and walk painfully the bathroom to shave and masturbate. A few cups of coffee later, you jump into your sedan and head to your destination: a high-volume and demanding work environment. For lunch, you shovel down some salad and head to the bathroom to masturbate again, since, after all, it really calms you down. Before the drive home, you slip a half-refill on the soft drink to pep you up for your beautiful children who need you to engage and be present.

Finally, though exhausted, you calm a lover’s feeling of neglect by engaging sexually, but neither of you attain climax because you have already masturbated numerous times that day. You lay awake, thinking about your unresolved health problem and inability to satisfy your lover, eventually fantasizing about a peaceful island in Southeast Asia.
How does adrenal fatigue and sexhaustion happen?
When do we ever disengage? Caught in a cycle navigated by stimulation, we are in a constant state of exhaustion due to both stress and sexual fatigue. This never allows our adrenal glands the opportunity to rest. They catapult the body into a stress-response, fight or flight mode, and since we are dynamic, interconnected vessels one particular affliction causes another affliction and so on. 
Located on top of the kidneys, adrenal glands produce hormones that play critical parts in our bodily functions, from sexual development to metabolism. Under or over-development of the adrenal glands impedes our well-being on many levels, but one of the most debilitating dysfunctions is in our sexual health.

Stimulation can be caused by caffeine or other drugs like steroids, but it can also be caused by physical changes (i.e. ejaculation) that happen during masturbation or sex and, whether pleasurable or not, all stress takes a toll on the body. 
For men, adrenal fatigue can cause limpness or pain after ejaculation. For women, adrenal fatigue can cause excessive fluid loss during an orgasm. Along with a list of gender-unique symptoms, both men and women who suffer from adrenal dysfunction will experience lower back pain. 
How do we remedy these problems and what benefits should I expect? 
We begin to nourish our adrenal health, first, by cutting down on masturbation time. Next, we can include herbal remedies specific to adrenal health and back pain due to sexual exhaustion into our diet. These bio-energetic herbal remedies arouse organs in the abdomen and stimulate blood flow to the pelvic region. We can also restore energy and hormone levels by ingesting herbs such as ginseng and maca, along with others.

Finally, an energizing accompaniment to the herbal remedies is yoga. Yoga offers relief for muscle and flexibility ailments, but lesser-known are the organ health benefits of the practice.

Poses such as the back-bending Cobra Pose, engage our muscles in the lower belly, strengthen the lower back and massage the pelvic region and kidneys. 

Even though it’s pleasurable, we all need to allow ourselves time in the day to disengage from sex because, once we’ve exhausted ourselves sexually, it can have similar effects on the body as does stress.

By taking time to nourish ourselves with herbal remedies and daily exercise, eventually we begin to sleep easily at the end of our day, sexually fulfilled rather than exhausted. We neither worry about the past nor fantasize the future because we embody the peaceful landscape that we could only dream about before.

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