Prostate Massage - Immedate Prostate Pain Relief

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The "P-spot" or the "male G-spot," are parts of the sexual response cycle in males and is a key contributor to the male orgasm. It is located adjacent to the rectum, and can be stimulated manually using finger or massager. Urologist performs prostate massage as a way to collect prostate and seminal fluids.

There are many benefits to Prostate Massage if performed correctly. Basically a prostate massage or prostate milking serves as a stimulation to the prostate gland that help to relieve the tension of the prostate nerves and might signal the brain stem to re-adjust inflammatory and enhance immune responses for men suffering from Chronic Prostatitis, pelvic pain and Premature Ejaculation. [1]

How It Works
Dr. Polacheck and Dr. Feliciano are prominent experts in Prostate Massage and Prostate Drainage. They have advocated the use of the Prostate Massage as a way to drain out and wringing out the built-up pus and dead prostate cell. Such drainage can be effectively shrinking the prostate gland and allowing the prostate gland to re-circulate with new blood and nutrients. Just like squeezing out the pus from the wound infection. [2]

Before The Massage
Relax the abdomen during a Prostate Massage. Excessive anxiety can resulted in contraction of the abdominal muscle, muscles around the prostate, and rectal muscle that would tear muscle fibers resulted in unwanted lesions and rectal bleeding.

Some men might felt embarrassed, especially younger males, because they ejaculate during Prostate Massage. Some severe sexually exhausted men can not attain orgasm unless their prostate also stimulated through Prostate Massage or receptive anal sex. Either way, cautions needed when receiving a Prostate Massage.

How To Do It
  1. Urinate and have a bowel movement before you start. Make sure you have smooth out your fingernails, so there are no rough, sharp, or jagged edges. For beginners, learn to relax before you start. You can try to relax by massage around the back region or taking a warm bath
  2. Wear a latex glove and apply with a small amount of water-based lubricant on it
  3. Massage the prostate externally first. Use middle finger to rob against perineum, area between testicles and anus. Both external and internal anal sphincters will be gradually relaxed
  4. Apply more water-based lube or anal lube. Gradually insert the finger into the anus for an inch. Experiment with many different positions for allowing easy entry
  5. Move the finger in an upward motion slowly along the wall of rectal lining until you reach a round bulb of tissue, which is the prostate
  6. Use the finger pad to massage the prostate. Experiment with different motion or strokes slowly and rhythmically
During prostate massage different sensation and stimulation can occur. Some men will have the feelings of ejaculation, defecating, or orgasm.

Are you ready to do it yourself? Due to privacy reason, many men decided to use prostate massager to massage their prostate for both pleasure and release the pus. Choosing the right prostate massager might be a daunting task, since your friend is not able to share this information with you.

Don't worry, you can find out the detail user feedback and reviews, including pro & con of all available prostate massger on the market by visiting our Beginner's Guide to Prostate Massagers.

Avoid Prostate Massage if you have following conditions:
  • Acute bacterial prostatitis – you might feel extremely painful if you try to massage it
  • Prostate Cancer – it might make the condition worsen. It’s unpredictable what would happen. It might be painful. Some people have suggested that it might spread the tumor (metastasize) to other part.
  • Hemorrhoid – it might worsen your hemorrhoid condition. It increases the chance for bacterial infection or blood poisoning (septicaemia)
  • Extreme life-threatening case of vigorous prostate massage reported in Germany. [3]

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experimented anal sex with my wife, and the prostate massage really helped eased the tension i was experiencing lastely
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