Male Menopause with Premature Ejaculation


more uncommon result of male menopause is the unfortunate manifestation of premature ejaculation, or P.E. Typically, this is a symptom more often associated with young males. However, it can also be attributed to the natural process of aging and the subsequent body chemistry changes overall that occur during male menopause.
In general terms, premature ejaculation can be described as when a male orgasms before his partner has an opportunity to. The normal physical response of a woman is to slowly build to a climax (orgasm) after about 12 to 14 minutes after initiation of coitus (intercourse, sex).
For some men, ejaculation may erupt even before he enters the woman. This can be of profound embarrassment for him. It can most certainly be a disappointment for her. That’s why various methods of treating P.E. have been developed.

The main causes behind premature ejaculation and low testosterone level are
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Cancers
  • Stress, Mood disorder, or Depression
Hypertension, cancer, and diabetes also cause detrimental & collateral damage to the nervous system, especially to the nerves involved in controlling ejaculation. Men who take various prescription drugs for conditions such as ADD, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, or other illness for long periods of time may harm their liver and adversely affect their nerve synapses as a result.
When you compound P.E. with other symptoms of male menopause, the results can be devastating. Luckily, there are many potential remedies available to alleviate the frustrations associated with the disorder.

Eating healthy and controlling stress levels are necessary. Clusters of aged and inelastic arteries covered with fatty plaque are unavoidable after years of eating junk foods and exposure to toxins.

Action Plan
  1. Examine what you eat on daily basis. Eat less red meat and consume more organic foods. If your condition is severe or if you have lots toxins built up inside your body, perform a Liver Flush to cleanse and expel wastes from your body.
  2. Increase your testosterone level and replenish critical HGH and DHEA hormones by taking herbs from the Cuscuta Powerful Herbal Formula.
  3. Control your stress level. Practice Tao’s Natural Ejaculation Control technique to increase the strength of your ejaculation valve and stop early ejaculation.
It’s never too late to change. You need never retire from having sex. No Sex, No Life! 

What to do

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