Ten Years of Prostatits and Still No Improvements

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By Abel K Conditions: Men's Prostatitis Age: 36 - 55

For ten years he has suffered from premature ejaculation due to Prostatitis.

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I have lived a fruitful sexual life. I started when I was just 16, and since then, I indulged in sex whenever I could. I had sex anytime—and place—I was able to. Now for the last 10 years, my voracious sexual appetite has damaged my body.

According to my doctor, my incessant urges have caused my prostate to become inflamed. 10 years later, I still suffer from the same condition. I cannot urinate correctly. I wake up to use the restroom multiple times a night, making a full night sleep impossible. Work becomes cumbersome to complete thanks to the constant restroom breaks, and sex seems bland because of my premature ejaculation. I want to regain my manhood. I want to please the wife again. Most importantly, I want to fix my prostatitis problem.


Well, like you said you “lived a fruitful sexual life,” and now, it’s coming to haunt you. Your Prostatitis is a direct cause of your constant ejaculation/sexual inhibitions. You continue to suffer from the condition because your body has not taken the necessary break to heal itself.

If you ever wish to impede the urinary problems and premature ejaculations (P.E.), you must take action now!
Abrasion to The Prostate
The prostate’s main role in the body is controlling urine flow and regulating the production of the white, alkaline fluid used by semen to swim in. When you use the prostate in excess, as you clearly did, your prostate will become inflamed.

Why does it become inflame? Well, the inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism designed to slow the progression of damage. When the prostate becomes inflamed, the urethral ducts take damage too. Once damaged, the urethral ducts will release an excess of pre-cum that will over stimulate the penis and result in premature ejaculation.
Fixing The Problem
Pre-cum, controlled by serotonin, cause an early ejaculation. In order to inhibit the pre-cum, you must first elevate the serotonin levels. All-natural herbs (SEE: Herbs For Premature Ejaculation & Painful Prostate) can help achieve this goal, fixing serotonin levels and improving the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for digesting nutrients.

Once you realign the serotonin levels, you will then need to refrain from masturbating/engaging in intercourse as much to heal the prostate.

What to do

Herbs For Premature Ejaculation & Painful Prostate

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