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11/19/2023 3:21:00 PM
dangerous sex positions /figure. Unsafe sex positions  can fracture and cause  curvature
11/19/2023 3:19:00 PM
dangerous sex positions /figureMost men who are circumcised are left prone to infection because of
11/19/2023 3:18:00 PM
penis stretching /figure Penis stretching , as with  pumps  and  penis rings , can&n
11/19/2023 3:17:00 PM
unhealthy sperm /figure Most men remain unaware they carry  unhealthy sperm . While only lab
11/19/2023 3:16:00 PM
hysterectomy /figure Some women get a hysterectomy to prevent further health complications, while o
11/19/2023 3:16:00 PM
prostate surgery /figure Administered after a diagnosis of prostate cancer or  BPH , surgery
11/19/2023 3:14:00 PM
venous leak /figureWhen the veins in the penis cannot stymie the loss of blood, an  erection w
11/19/2023 3:12:00 PM
high cholesterol /figure Classified as a waxy steroid of fat, bad cholesterol accumulates and stick
11/19/2023 3:12:00 PM
vaginal spasms /figure Caused by a sudden muscle tension,  vaginal spasms make vaginal penetr
11/19/2023 3:12:00 PM
tubal ligation /figure Tubal Ligation, known as tubes tied, is a surgical procedure women may ge
11/19/2023 3:12:00 PM
depression /figureSerotonin, a naturally forming neurotransmitter, tends to experience an inordinat
11/19/2023 3:11:00 PM
intimacy fear /figureMen worry about their penis size. They brood over their endurance level. Some
11/19/2023 3:11:00 PM
ILLNESS & INJURY   PENIS PUMP. /figureKnown for improving the girth of a man s penis,&n
11/19/2023 3:11:00 PM
performance anxiety /figureSome men worry and worry about how they will perform during sex. So much
11/19/2023 3:10:00 PM
stress & anxiety Most men and women report high levels of stress because of work and family is
11/19/2023 3:10:00 PM
tipped uterus /figure20% of all women have what s called a tipped uterus. Normally, a uterus lies v
11/19/2023 3:09:00 PM
vibrator damage /figureWhile safe to use in moderation, vibrators can scare and stretch the vaginal
11/19/2023 3:09:00 PM
stress & anxiety /figureMost men and women report high levels of stress because of work and fam
11/19/2023 3:08:00 PM
weak pc muscle /figureFor men, endurance and technique make sex enjoyable. Poor technique can make
11/19/2023 3:07:00 PM
weak parasympathetic nerves /figureThe parasympathetic nerves stimulate the body to prepare it for
11/19/2023 3:05:00 PM
hypertension /figureHypertension, also known as high blood pressure, results in blood pressing agai
11/19/2023 3:04:00 PM
dangerous sex toys /figure Penis rings , ball clips, even  vibrators  can present a safet
11/19/2023 2:59:00 PM
vasectomy /figureVasectomy offers a permanent birth control method for men. During a vasectomy, the
11/19/2023 2:59:00 PM
aging vagina /figure Loose ,  dry ,  insensitive , these remain the three most common com
11/19/2023 2:59:00 PM
c-section /figure Considered an option to an all-natural birth, C-sections slice open a woman s
11/19/2023 2:58:00 PM
penis exercise /figureMen will do anything for a larger, thicker penis. Some use  penis pumps