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Hot Flashes - Caused by Menopause

Many menopausal women reported that hot flashes, fatigue, and low sex drive are common symptoms

happened all together. The surge of heat to the face and neck has been a source of stress, making them think they are having an anxiety or heart attack.
There are constant fluctuations of progesterone and estrogen in a woman’s body. At the early stages of perimenopause, the ovaries begin operating irregularly. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands that regulate hormone production will then boost extra estrogen to the ovaries to try and kick-start them through biofeedback mechanism resulting in a condition called “estrogen dominance.” When this happens there is a significant change for blood vessels to dilate and constrict, which affect body temperature tremendously.

Unexpected bust of heat from hormonal imbalance making women think they are having an anxiety attack or even a heart attack. When you are scared or worried that you are having a medical emergency, your flight-or-flight response will be triggered and stress hormones will be release, making the menopause symptoms last longer and dampen your desire for sex.

Balance Your Hormones

Hormones influence our daily activities, vice versa, everything you do, every medicine you take, each bite of food you put in your mouth, amount of exercises, hours of sleep each day also influence your hormone production reciprocally. Once your hormones are re-aligned properly, you will see decrease number of hot flashes as well as night sweats, craving, weight gain, and improvement in your libido too.

Natural Solutions

Ways to balance hormones, making healthy lifestyle changes, and reduce hot flashes:

  • Eat a balanced diet packed with whole fruits and vegetables
  • Eat complex carbohydrates and protein
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep

To avoid accumulation of abdominal fat tissues, you have to make sure your adrenal glands are working at their best by keeping blood sugar levels steady. Take natural formula to help you sleep comfortably, balance the hormones, reduce stress, and detox toxins from your body.

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