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Rekindling the Sparks: Best Sex Positions for Making-up

Everyone loves makeup sex! The late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were the masters of breaking up and rekindling the flame. And while I hope your relationship does not mirror the tumultuous binges of cocaine and fights, I do hope your breakup sex follows the same passion as Bobby and Whitney’s may have. So after you’ve had a major fight, these sex positions may provide the intensity, fiery passion and dashes of romance you want.  So make love, not war!
Passion: The Magic of Making Out
Men, every woman wants two things: comfort and security. Body contact stimulates and conveys deep feelings of security and comfort. Something as simple as cuddling and gazing into each other’s eyes can increase the intensity and reduce any anger felt between couples. So the next time you notice she’s pissed at you, gents, try Cuddling, Not Optional. It provides options for kissing, cuddling and gazing into each other’s eyes. And because sexual intensity is contagious, the more kissing and eye contact, the higher the arousal level. You may notice this position works great to reduce damage done by harsh words tossed back-and-forth like two firing battleships.
Intensity: How About a Table For Two?
Sex, like work, can become routine. Once you fall victim to routine, your sex life lacks the same intensity. As a variation of the classic “69” position, Time for Dessert, provides the well-needed intensity and variety sex deserves. Intense, simultaneous fellatio from Time for Dessert also provides an opportunity for naughty talk. Using this position to discuss erotic fantasies can too provide a prelude for better sex. Meanwhile, the added closeness of your breath against your partner’s genitals furthers the intensity. After some well-needed fellatio, the bitter arguments that have transpired are quickly forgotten and ebbed away.
Romance: Is That a Comet? No, But There's About to Be a Shooting Star!
The act of touch can prove a powerful medium for communicating affection. Variety in your touch during intimacy can further affection, romance and passion. Enjoy The View provides a romantic opportunity toward the path of reconciliation because of its heightened ability to touch and kiss. Just remember, Enjoy The View is meant for an outdoor experience under the stars.
As you make love, take time to look up at the stars and experience the romantic moments before you. Focus more on the moment, not the performance. Sex is an act of pleasure; how you perform these acts add little value to the experience. However, where you perform these acts can increase your romance. Remember, falling into routine provides an dangerous route to boring sex. Introducing exciting, romantic escapades after a fight seem like these skirmishes never took place.
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