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Sex Position: Sensory Stimulation

The mind anticipates sensory stimulation it sees. Before your hand touches your face or before cold steel presses against your skin, the mind prepares itself for sensory stimulation. Close your eyes and the mind cannot anticipate the stimulation.

Instead, the body and mind experience a heightened sense of stimulation. Now collate the heightened sensory stimulation with sex, and couples experience sex in a whole new perspective.

Males who exhibit signs of impotence or male menopause, should not try this position. Sensory Stimulation enhances the sexual experience, and if you continue to suffer from E.D., you may not experience anything.
Men will start off blindfold, preferably with a soft, silky blindfold. And ladies, for this position to work, you must ensure your man cannot see anything. Once he’s blinded, have your way with him. Kiss his shaft. Stimulate him with some hand-to-hand action. Graze his leg or abdomen for heightened sensory stimulation. No matter what you do, he’ll experience a profound sense of pleasure.

Why She’ll Love It:

If you like to see your man squirm and to remain at your mercy, Sensory Stimulation keeps you in control of his pleasure. Light grazes and kiss are key to this position, but if you want a bit more excitement, being a bit rough too will improve his pleasure threshold.

Why He’ll Love It:

If you like surprises, you’re in for a huge, stimulating one. Each kiss and graze may even cause some ticklish men to squirm.

But the added bonus of being totally blind folded makes the experience well worth the hand-to-hand gesture she gives you. Just remember, if you have stamina issues with encumbering your ejaculation, skip this position.

About This Position:

Sex Position Number: 39
Difficulty: For Novice Couples
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her:  Low
Not Suitable For:  Men experiencing symptoms of Male Menopause
Other positions you may like: Clitoral Pectorals
Ideal Penis Size: 3 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low

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