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Stop Premature Ejaculation & Relieve Prostate Pain After a Vasectomy
Thousands of men get vasectomies every year. This fairly simple outpatient procedure has a very high success rate at preventing pregnancy. While the vast majority of vasectomies are problem-free, a small percentage of men, like Bill Barkerson of Akron, Ohio, have experienced side effects that can inhibit sexual performance.
Why Prostate Pain Occurs After a Vasectomy
Bill had fathered 3 wonderful children to his high school sweetheart. At 42, he and his wife decided that a vasectomy would be beneficial. So Bill spoke to doctors. He read the medical literature. And he even prepared himself for a positive outcome. But post-op, he experienced prostate pain. 
The only time he heard of men suffering from prostate pain was in the television commercials. And at 42, he felt as if he were far too young to deal with prostate pain. But sure enough, the prostate, responsible for the production of semen and seminal fluid, became inflamed after his vasectomy. The reason for his current pain: his semen didn’t release from his body as it had before. The buildup of semen lead to a clogging of the epididymis, a long coiled tube in each testicle, that caused the pain. 
Premature Ejaculations Problems From Prostate Pain
But the pain was not Bill’s only problem-- premature ejaculation plagued his sex life. The inflammation made ejaculatory nerves hypersensitive. So a normal session yielded a premature ejaculation in under a minute.
Take Control of Vasectomy Prostate Pain with Natural Remedies
While Bill felt worried, he found solace. He thought about a reverse vasectomy, but the cost and added risk scared him. Instead, he took natural herbs to correct the problem. He found three natural herbs for premature ejaculation especially helpful. For instance, 
Cistanche - Addressed his inflammation problems. Cistanche was known for its anti-inflammatory properties and restored strength.
Epimedium - Epimedium strengthened the ejaculatory nerves and increased the PDE-5 inhibitors to maintain an erection.
Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto minimized DHT production that increased the size of his prostate and lead to pain. 
Collated, these herbs relieved his prostate inflammation and pain. Bill now reports a healthier sex life, less pain throughout the day, and most importantly, a better quality of life.
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