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Sex Position: Sideshow

You’re not a sideshow; you’re the main event. And ladies, your man will be paying big bucks to see this main attraction. Whether you choose to be on the right side or his left side, he’ll get to enjoy all the amenities this main event has to offer. So sit back and relax gentlemen while she gives you a Sideshow like you’ve never had before.
Ladies, you’ll do most of the work here, but don’t worry, the sideways penetration will remind you why the work was well worth it. Gentlemen will lie back while ladies climb on top. Ladies, you may need a few attempts to penetrate him correctly. Once you do, feel free to extend your legs forward and to place your arms back for the best possible stimulation.

Why She’ll Love It:

You’ll be his center of attention. His pleasure depends on you. How fast or slow you go is up to you. Just exercise some caution with men who have a low threshold of pleasure. Sideways penetration may prove a bit too stimulating for some men. But we’re not here to discuss his problems or pleasure; we’re here to talk about yours.

From this position, you’ll want to keep your legs as close as possible to create that tight penetration. Oh and remember how your hands are placed behind you, this will add to the level of depth of his penetration.

Why He’ll Love It:

Deep penetration and a tighter squeeze will make this Sideshow the best you’ve ever seen. When you’re in need of some well-needed R&R, Sideshow serves as a suitable option.

About This Position

Sex Position Number: 145
Difficulty: Experienced    
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: P.E.
Other Positions You May Like: Is that a Mirror in Your Pocket?
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low

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