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Sex Position: G That Hit The Spot

You have more control with your tongue and your fingers than you do with your penis. The added maneuverability gives you a better opportunity to find and to stimulate the G-spot. G that sounds great! Sure, finding the G-spot can be like hunting for Bin Laden, but no matter how elusive it may be, it is bond to turn up. Finding the G-spot just takes practice (and some luck).
Ladies, you’ll want to remain standing for this position. Men, sit down and position yourself so that your partner is standing in front of you. Ladies, place your hands over his shoulders and lean forward. Now, men, it’s time to go exploring.

According to most evidence, the G-spot can be found near the front wall of the vagina, roughly 2 inches from the entrance. How do you know you found the G-spot? When you’re digging around, you’ll notice a dime-sized rough spot that signals its location. Please note, not all woman have the spot in the same location, for some women, the G-spot may be smaller or bigger or even closer or further away from the entrance.

Why She’ll Love It:

The pressure and control of his fingers against your G-spot should create the right amount of stimulation to get you to orgasm. And what self-respecting woman doesn’t want to feel the intense stimulation of an orgasm? After you’ve managed to reach an orgasm, you might be left saying, “G thanks!”

Why He’ll Love It:

Watching your partner climax brings great satisfaction, especially for a woman who have never been able to reach a G-spot orgasm. If you’re new to sex, you’ll want to get practice and plenty of it, especially with oral and hand-to-hand techniques. So if practice is what you want, prepare to enjoy.

About This Position

Sex Position Number: 150
Difficulty: Novice            
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: Surf’s Up
Ideal Penis Size: N/A
Stamina Required: N/A
Flexibility Required: N/A

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