Sex Position: The Backseat View

Men, prepare to take a backseat view of pleasure. Each thrust, each smack on her behind will give you a wonderful image of The Backseat View. Prepare for a long, wonderful ride on this backseat of love. No matter where you decided to enjoy this position, the versatility will be sure to give you an experience you'll never forget.
Men, lie on your back. Women will climb on top with their backs facing the man. Once in place, the women will bend down and use their feet for support. Men, meanwhile, will hold onto a woman’s buttock to ensure she doesn’t fall off.
Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies, you’ll want to start leaning forward once he penetrates. As soon as he does, the forward lean will stimulate your clitoris. With your legs spread apart, your man will be able to achieve a deeper, more satisfying thrust. Collate the added bonus of clitoral stimulation and ladies have a winning formula for reaching an orgasm.
Why He’ll Love It:
Men who enjoy the backseat view of the woman bouncing up and down will love this position. Each thrust will showcase her curves. When man and woman synchronize their thrusts, the sensation is even greater.
About This Position:
Sex Position Number: 112
Difficulty: Experienced
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For:  Women with Vaginal Dryness
Other Positions You May Like: Listen Attentively
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Medium


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