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She’s Impatient for Orgasm after Excessive and Lengthy Attempts at Masturbation

Confusion about her body has led her to indulge in long and tiresome masturbation sessions. These attempts to find her clitoris have resulted in some orgasms, but she still doesn’t understand sexual pleasure and arousal. The key for her is to take a break from the marathon masturbating and learn to touch herself with light and teasing strokes – that will cure her clitoral insensitivity. She should also explore other areas of her body to avoid future desensitization.
Case #:877

All my life I wondered if I had a clitoris. I just viewed a picture of a vagina and fully engorged clitoris, and I still do not see on me what I saw there. I am not easily aroused, nor does direct contact with that area bring much stimulation. This is unless the person I am with fully turns me on. I can masturbate from 45 minutes to one hour before I even achieve an orgasm! It took me years to even know firsthand what an orgasmic experience really was. My question to you is this: is there a possibility that something is wrong with my clitoris? I would think direct contact on this spot would send a woman into a frenzy. For me, it does not now and never has. I’ve never used outside things to assist me, such as a vibrator or other mechanical device of any kind. Please give me some direction as to what my disorder or dysfunction may be and how it can be corrected. I would really like to fully enjoy my sexual experience, but my interest is waning because I can never be fully aroused unless I fantasize to the point of almost reaching an out-of-body experience.

Masturbation is great when practiced in moderation, but at excessive levels it can cause serious health problems. Some people complain of their hair falling out, while others say they feel fatigued and unable to concentrate. The point is that your long-term and repeated masturbation sessions have led to clitoral desensitization. This condition sounds worse than it is, and it can be remedied. You must, however, learn some information about yourself and your body so it doesn’t happen again.
Masturbation Exploration
Approximately two-thirds of all women masturbate, according to Dr. Vipul Sharma of This is a healthy and mature way to release tension, explore your body and learn what brings you sexual pleasure. Masturbation also helps many women more easily achieve orgasm because it allows for direct stimulation of the clitoris. This tiny organ is loaded with nerve endings and can send a woman into paroxysms of pleasure.
However, because the clitoris is composed of so many nerve endings, it is delicate and easily over-stimulated. Many women note that they become sore when they either stroke too quickly and too hard or when they apply direct pressure to the clitoris. Masturbation should therefore be practiced with a light and deft touch to avoid vaginal abrasions.
The Female Orgasm

An orgasm is defined as a reflex that causes muscles in and around the genitals to rapidly contract. But learning how to reach orgasm is anything but reflexive for most women. Much of this has to do with the nature of intercourse; vaginal penetration is not enough to bring most women to climax. Instead, they need clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is intended only for sexual pleasure, making it unique among all other organs of both the male and female bodies.
Finding the clitoris can be the first obstacle during sex or masturbation. It is tucked between and near the top of the vaginal lips. One of the biggest clues to this organ’s great sensitivity is its hood; that piece of foreskin prevents the clitoris from being stimulated and rubbed raw throughout the course of a normal day.
Prodding and poking at your body is not the ideal way to find your clitoris. Because you’ve experienced orgasm in the past, you already know where this organ is. Remember to stimulate it with soft, gentle touches – tease yourself a little as you explore. You’ll enjoy that more than the hard strokes and lengthy masturbation sessions that leave you weary and numb.
Also remember that all female bodies are created differently. Comparing your genitalia to those of a picture or diagram isn’t likely to offer much help because you don’t look exactly like a textbook drawing. Rest assured you do have a clitoris – but that’s not the only part of your body that deserves attention.
Improve Sensitivity the Natural Way

One of the reasons you may not feel satisfied during sex is because you’ve grown accustomed to masturbation. Take a break and explore other sensitive parts of your body. This will not only bring you pleasure, but also help you know what to ask for during sex. The opening of the vagina and its outer lips are additional areas to explore so you know exactly where your erogenous zones are.

You can restore sensitivity to your clitoris with a natural renewal remedy. (TRY: Vaginal Renewal Remedy for Clitoral Desensitization) This is designed to improve blood flow to the genitalia and also balance hormones so neurotransmitters relay the correct signals in the brain. Your clitoris will be ripe and roused, and your orgasms will be unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

What to do

Natural Renewal Remedy for Vaginal & Clitoral Desensitization

Vaginal abrasion, aging, prescription drugs, birth control medications, oxytocin imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and poor vaginal peripheral circulation may all lead to the desensitization of the G-spot, and the vaginal and clitoral sensitivity...

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