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Can Enlarging Your Penis Actually Weaken Your Erections?

He added two inches to his penis, but noticed that the qualities of his erections were diminishing. Learn why penis enlargement can sometimes leave you feeling soft, and find out how to avoid this unfortunate fate.

Case #: 1582


I have seen great growth improvement of at least 2 inches! Although I have grown these 2 inches I have one problem. It seems to be harder for me to get an erection now. Before I used to visualize myself getting an erection and then my erection would appear. Now in order to get my erection I need direct stimulation. What can be done about my problem?


I'm going to have to do a bit of guesswork, because we're working with insufficient data. In other words, I'm not exactly sure of the method by which you achieved your phenomenal penis growth. Perhaps you practiced the Ballooning Method, perhaps you took a targeted herbal remedy, or perhaps you sprinkled magic fairy dust along your shaft (that stuff ain't cheap). Whatever the case, it appears to have directly resulted in a decrease in erection quality, and that's bad news. It's hard to feel like a man when you need jumper cables for your penis. By the way, that's just a metaphor. Do not attach jumper cables to your genitals...I speak from experience.

Some Possible Causes

If the structural integrity of your throbbing shaft has been compromised, the most likely cause is penile abuse. Many men, in an ill-advised effort to pack on some extra inches, will engage in dangerous penile growth practices. For instance, have you used a penis pump? Jelqing exercises? Even if these behaviors were supplemented with healthier penis growth techniques (like the use of herbs), the damage may already be done.

Penis pumps can actually burst the blood vessels inside your penis, while aggressive stretching exercises can cause tissue damage and plaque buildup. As a result, the arteries suffer blockage, which inhibits blood flow to the penis. It's like trying to drink your Boba tea when there's a chunk of tapioca clogging up the straw (if you get that reference, you just might be a hipster).

Now What?

We could go on and on, guesstimating about the other possible causes of your weakened erections, which range from excess masturbation to performance anxiety, but whether you're all blocked up or just a little psyched out, your best remedy is of the herbal variety. Herbs like Butea Superba, Maca and Schisandra help to elevate blood flow to the penis, while other ingredients like Cuscuta and Sarsasparilla Jamaican help to improve hormone levels – specifically nitric oxide and testosterone, respectively.

Try taking an herbal remedy, and if you do engage in any risky penis enlargement exercises, I would advise you to give them up and just basque in the glory that is your extra two inches. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Erection Rejuvenation) Most guys would kill for that kind of extension...I mean, literally, they would take someone's life in exchange for a bigger penis. Hopefully you're not that guy, but if you are, please spare my meager life.

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Weak Erection Restoration

Increase blood flow to the penis to support erections that are both weak and soft. If you suffer from venous leaks, thin arteries or vessels that constrict blood flow to the penis tissues.

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