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Hit the Road, Jack, and Jack-Off Elsewhere: His Girlfriend’s Had Enough of Over-Masturbation and Premature Ejaculation

She’s fed up with her boyfriend’s over-masturbation and wants to end the relationship. It’s not just his addiction to Internet porn that has her bothered – it’s his premature ejaculation during sex. She’s not able to enjoy her own pleasure and, if they don’t find a solution to the problem quickly, she’s moving on.
Case #:1993

My boyfriend is addicted to his own penis. Rather, he’s addicted to masturbation. His preferred method is sitting in front of the computer, searching for porn and feasting his eyes for about 30 minutes. Then, when he’s painfully hard – he’s described the process to me in graphic detail – he drops his pants, uses a little lube and jacks off. He comes in no time, cleans up and then gets on with his day. He does this at least once a day, a routine that has at last formed a wedge between us. When we have sex, he comes way too quickly. I attribute this to his constant masturbation. Am I right, and if so, can we do anything to salvage our relationship? I’m ready to call it quits.

Men under age 40 suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) more commonly than any other sexual disorder. Because many men are embarrassed by the affliction, their partners often speak on their behalves. But the embarrassment is unnecessary - at some point in their lives, between 30 and 70 percent of all men in the United States suffer from a form of PE.
Despite its common nature, men develop PE for a variety of reasons. One might have performance anxiety and rush to climax so he can enjoy what he’s got while it lasts. Another might have over-sensitive nerves near the head of his penis and climax too quickly because he can’t resist the urge.
The Problem with Pleasure

It sounds like your boyfriend developed PE from an altogether different circumstance: over-masturbation. When a man stimulates himself too often, he conditions his body to respond to sex in a way that mimics masturbation. This is often seen in young men who frequently masturbated in their teens. A fear of being caught forced them to furiously touch themselves so they quickly reached climax. When they have sex, these habits follow them and lead to PE that disrupts their own pleasure as well as that of their partners’.
When a man over-masturbates as an adult, as your boyfriend is doing, he can become addicted because it is an easy and extremely self-involved act that always brings the same outcome: orgasm. During masturbation, a man –or woman, for that matter – has nothing to worry about except his pleasure. He can give himself over to a long and sensual session or act quickly just to achieve release. It sounds like your boyfriend combines the two: he teases himself until he’s over-aroused and then masturbates for fast orgasm.
Just as the teenager who conditions himself to quickly come, so too has your boyfriend conditioned himself to bypass the many different pleasures sex offers and get right to the point. His PE is a result of habit: he doesn’t stop to revel in your body or the feel of his skin against yours because he has one thought on his mind.
When the Partner Feels Betrayed

Some women involved with men who over-masturbate reportedly feel betrayed. Their own pleasure seems, if anything, to be an afterthought in their partners’ minds. This leads to resentment that builds quickly and blocks any real sense of commitment.
Many relationships fail in the face of over-masturbation and PE. Knowing this, sex therapists often counsel couples, rather than individuals, who are forced to contend with PE. This condition affects both partners so the feelings of both must also be considered.
Don’t Give Up Yet

Before you end your relationship, follow our advice and speak to your boyfriend about PE. Tell him you’re not sexually satisfied because you need more interaction during intercourse. Don’t verbally blame him – simply open dialogue so the two of you can share your feelings about sex without fear of anger or disappointment.
While you talk, suggest he try an herbal remedy that contains Passion Flower. (SEE: Passion Flower for Ejaculation Control) Passion Flower works on multiple levels to regulate hormone production and strengthen sexual endurance. Both of these are crucial to staving off ejaculation until a man – and his partner – decide it’s time.
Other benefits of Passion Flower include relaxed muscles, stronger blood flow for more powerful erections and improved sleep patterns. Different formulas tackle different problems, such as weak sensory nerves or anxiety. Review these formulas and, together, choose the one best suited to your needs. Then revel in each other’s combined passion and enjoy an entirely new experience in bed.

What to do

Put an End to P.E. with Passion Flower

Jared had a healthy sex life. He got to party with supermodels and pageant queens.

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