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Impotence - Caused by Aging

At age 4, you're successful at life when you can stop from peeing your pants. At age 17, you're successful at life when you're able to have sex. At age 30, you're successful at life when you have money. At age 50, you're successful at life when you still have that money. At age 60, you're successful at life when you can still have sex, and at age 80, you're successful at life when you can still stop yourself from peeing your pants. (Solutions:remedy,technique,tincture)

As the body ages, it experiences a multitude of changes, some good, others, not so much. From the sudden weight gain to the lack of sexual desires, men and women outside their middle ages suffer from new dilemmas. Some men and women enjoy a healthy sex life well into their 70s; others, up till their 50s. A healthy body requires proper dieting and exercising, and a healthy sex life too requires a proper stream of hormones to keep an erection hard. But as men their bodies produce less and less hormones, resulting in less and less sex.

It’s a Matter of Time

Aging slows down your reaction time. It stymies the immune system. And it even minimizes the production of essential sex hormones. Menopause causes a lack of estrogen. While Andropause, known as Male Menopause, slows the production of testosterone. Low testosterone levels cause males to feel moody, depressed, and experience weakened erections. Men in their post-middle ages too experinece high levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) that decrease testosterone. When SHBG levels get abnormally high, they can bind to functional testosterone making it unavailable to healthy tissue.

Sex hormones aside, men lose Human Growth Hormones and DHEA hormones as well. Without HGH, the body cannot re-grow cells, causing everything from back pain to impotence. DHEA, produced in the gonads, brain, and andrenal glands, serves as a circulating steroid that improves strength and memory. Depletion of DHEA can cause impotence and even low sex drive.

Aging also deteriorates both the endocrine and nervous systems. According to TCM, the aging process weakens the metabolism of kidney Yin Chi, which is considered the chemical version of bioelectric energy in the parasympathetic nervous system. Low kidney Yin CHi serves as the main reason elderly men experience poor erection quality. Meanwhile, blood circulation to the penile tissues, especially toward the corpus cavernosum, sees a reduction. A healthy, young penis recieves proper nerve impulses that increase the blood flow to the cylinders, helping the penis to expand, straighten and stiffen faster.

Sexually exhaustion, a condition caused by excessive sex and masturbation, causes men to age faster. Sexually exhausted individuals report weakened liver and adrenal functions, which produce more cortisol, epinephrine and less DHEA. Meanwhile, a sexually exhausted male will accumulate toxins that invoke inflammatory responses throughout the body. The inflammatory response will cause Prostaglandin E-2, a neuro-endocrine compound, to form in abundance, damaging erectile tissues and affecting the quality of an erection.

Natural Solutions and Lifestyle Changes

To counteract the effects of aging, you can take supplements that help regain your sexual function. For example, taking anti-oxidant herbs can eliminate toxins found in the kidneys while improving hormone production. Supplements, when collated with Qi techinques, such asHarmonic Qi Gong, help enhance the effectiveness of the supplements. A combination of healthy food, quality sleep, sex techniques andAnti-Aging Solution For Erectile Tissuescan improve liver and kidney functions to correct erectile dysfunction and improve hormone production.

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