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Female Overactive Bladder - Caused by Menopause

As a woman approaches menopause, her hormone production begins to fluctuate and gradually reduced leading to an embarrassing symptom, urinary incontinence. Severe incontinence symptom includes lack of bladder control especially when sneezing, laughing, or exercise.

For postmenopausal women, both estrogen and testosterone levels are diminished. For many women, lowered testosterone would weaken the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles of bladder. Lower estrogen would result in atrophy of the urethra. Misery condition of shrinkage of tissues where and bladder and urethra conjunct would occurred if both testosterone and estrogen have dropped significantly.
If low level of estrogen and testosterone persisted for a long period of time, anatomical changes for bladder sphincter would lead to more severe urinary incontinence. Even though hormonal changes and reduction are part of normal aging, but it does not mean women should tolerate it.

The good news is that many postmenopausal women can try natural remedy such as Stop Urinary Miseries – Botanical Remedy For Postmenopausal Women, a natural and low-cost approach with remarkable benefits. This remedy has many herbs that are known to exert tissue-building effect on pelvic floor muscles. It’s beneficial results are greater than PC Muscle exercise for some women. Other herbs in the remedy also have strengthening effects for pelvic muscle cells by interacting with androgen receptor on the surface.
A Japanese medical journal reported that a recent clinical trial done by Bioaktiva Pharma of Sweden had 39 incontinent females (aged 55-79 years) take water-soluble pumpkin seed and soy isoflavone extracts. The improvement of frequency of urination both day and night in a period of six weeks was keenly observed. The result showed a 39% improvement for nighttime urination and 16% improvement for daytime urination. These amazing results reported 79% improvement in bladder control and avoidance of urinary incontinence. [1] [2]


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