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Staving Off Your Premature Ejaculation

Do you wish your partner could hold off climaxing just a little bit longer, so that you may experience the bliss of orgasm too?
Case #: 1899

My new boyfriend seems to have a problem with prematurely ejaculating. He pretty much does it every time we have sex. It's getting pretty frustrating, sometimes I'm so close to orgasming, and he just can't stop himself from climaxing. I took it as a compliment the first couple of times, but now it's just making me cranky and left wanting. Is there anything he can do to hold off a little longer?

Premature ejaculation is something that has been plaguing men since the Earth cooled. It does not discriminate. You can pick up a case of it if you're twenty-one or fifty-one. It's just another conundrum of life that we have to hurtle over.
Too Fast To...

I'm sure your boyfriend's early comings and goings are frustrating to no end for you, but I'm also positive that your boyfriend is a little more than just frustrated with his current situation as well. Your first course of action should be actually having a conversation with your significant other about the problem at hand. You are both adults, and should be able to have a serious conversation about your sex life. As long as you don't start off the conversation by going in for the kill, you should be okay. Ease into it and have compassion. This is after all, affecting his life just as well as yours.
Unfortunately, premature ejaculation is not something you can just ignore and it goes away. In fact, the more you ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, the worse the problem will grow.
Word For The Cause

There are many causes that can affect your performance in bed. Some of the most common include; Diabetes, drug and alcohol use, stress, anxiety, over-masturbation, damage caused by surgery, and higher than normal blood pressure.
Many times, prematurely ejaculating during intercourse can also have physiological ties to previous relationships and experiences.
What To Do

Once you have had that dreaded conversation about what's really going on in your bedroom, you can then work on actually fixing the problem. One of the easiest solutions to prematurely ejaculating is to simply have your partner slow down. You may enjoy fast and rough, but for the time being, slowing things down a bit could help your partner to better control his stimulation levels.
You may also try using a Stamina Balm, which will help to dull his senses a bit so that you have time to get a few climaxes in yourself before he can no longer withhold. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Full Ejaculation Control) A good premature ejaculation cream will typically begin to work instantly upon application. They work by moderately numbing the area they are applied to, such as the penis. Once the penis it lightly numbed, it will feel the sensation of sex slightly less. However, it should not go completely numb, you should still have the ability to ejaculate, just not as quickly as before.

What to do

Premature Ejaculation Cream Guide - Improved Stamina & Lasting Longer for Men of All Ages

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