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Youth Impotence - Caused by Hypertension

uring the yearly 2000s, a trend emerged in schools across America: obesity. More children were weighing and

eating more. As American youths became heavier, local and state agencies stepped in to impede the progression of dangerous conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.

For young men, high blood pressure can serve as a life threatening condition. Youths who take high blood pressure medication can too experience another added risk: impotence.

Impotence and High Blood Pressure

Without blood, the body could not transport nutrients and vitamins to cells. But without arteries, the body would be unable to hold the blood. Your arteries act as delicate rubber hoses that carry blood to each part of your body. If a rubber hose is filled with too much pressure, it pops.

The arteries in your body can experience too much pressure causing them to rupture. High-sodium foods can cause men to experience more pressure against the artery walls. In order to reduce the pressure, medication is prescribed that inhibits the flow of blood.

The medication may help repair the artery walls, but after repair is completed, the walls are thinner and less elastic than before. Thinner and less elastic walls cannot circulate the same amount of blood as before. [1] Instead, the penis experiences a reduction in blood flow that damages the strength of an erection. Young men with prolonged high blood pressure can experience an impeded blood flow that prevents an erection.

Contributing Factors to High Blood Pressure

Food is not the only contributing factor that elevates your blood pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by:

  • Being overweight
  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Engaging in little exercise
  • Maintaining a high-sodium diet
  • Consuming little fruits or vegetables

If you have high blood pressure, you may want to find all-natural ways to revitalize your body. Once your doctor okays you to stop taking medications, your arteries may need further repair to improve your erectile strength. If you want to see an improvement in your erectile capacity after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, try Nature's Gift for Healtheir Heart & Better Love Making that includes fish oil to help your heart and control the flow of blood.


  1. ^Mas M., Molecular mechanisms of penile erection., Arch Esp Urol. 2010 Oct;63(8):589-98.
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