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Why Do I Experience Penile Pain After Consuming Wine?

Why do I experience penis pain whenever I drink wine? None of the doctors seem to know the answer nor how to overcome the pain?
Case #: 386

Why do I experience penis pain whenever I drink wine? None of the doctors seem to know the answer nor how to overcome the pain?
Is there something else I can do? Can I take a supplement of some kind to help?
Penis pain can be caused by a multitude of issues ranging from injury and allergies to disease and illness. It can also be brought on by certain medications, foods and beverages, as well as aging and hormonal changes. In your situation, you discuss drinking wine as a trigger for your penile pain.
Great wine -- like great sex-- is something no one should ever have to give up, especially if there is a better alternative, and there is!
Possible Causes

The penile pain you experience after enjoying a glass of wine -- or other blood thinning foods or beverages, may be due to the inability to produce the elastic hormone known as Prostaglandin E-1, which swells tissue to create erections.
Typically, the pain associated with a decrease in this hormone will feel similar to a pulled muscle, but can range from a slight ache to a sharp electric jolt. And massaging your penis or masturbating will not minimize the pain; in fact, masturbation will exacerbate the problem and cause the local tissues to become tender and inelastic.
Try These Out

As you may have discovered, conventional doctors have little to no understanding of this issue because even today’s high-tech gadgetry like CT Scans and MRIs cannot detect a deficiency in Prostaglandin E-1. Physicians can do little more than treat symptoms when the cause remains unidentified. Unfortunately, treating symptoms with medications can often cause other unwanted symptoms and illness.
Root causes should be identified so that whatever course of action or supplement you do take will function more than just a Band-Aid. Instead, we want to increase the quality of your life while addressing and correcting your problem.
In your case, the pain felt resembles that of men who over masturbate. By taking a herbal formula based on Penile Pain & Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy, men can
Repair penile injury and fractures

Recovery from intermittent and occasional penis pains
Rejuvenates nerve sensitivity receptors inside the penis
If you continue to experience pain, act now.

What to do

Penile Pain, Fracture, & Nerve Rejuvenation Remedy

Improve penile tissue and nerve ending recovery damaged by cock rings, penile pumps, abusive masturbation and dangerous sex positions

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