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Enough Already! Why Excess Masturbation Causes Premature Ejaculation

He continually masturbates, even when he has a girlfriend. He also can’t seem to stop himself from cumming too quickly. He sometimes tries to masturbate before sex to last longer, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Is there anything he can do to last longer in bed?
Case #: 1974

I’ve been jacking off for pretty much my entire adult life. Even when I have a girlfriend, I continue to masturbate. I also have issues with premature ejaculation. I usually masturbate before I sleep with my girlfriend, to try to last longer, but it doesn’t always work. I want to know, what can I do to last longer in bed?

Unfortunately, you’re actually creating your own problem. If you didn’t masturbate so much, you wouldn’t be having problems with premature ejaculation. Rather like the chicken and the egg, except in this case I think it’s safe to assume that you began masturbating before you began sexual intercourse. What you need to do now is to really try to cut back on how much you’re self-satisfying. It’s ruining your body and your sex life.
How Does It All Work Down There?

Why? Let’s look at the mechanism of male orgasm, and then see why it might be a bad thing to constantly have it occurring. During the male arousal, the brain triggers the penis to release erectile neurotransmitters such as nitric oxide and acetylcholine. The adrenal glands release cortisol and testosterone. Cortisol is a stress hormone; as such, it works to key the body up by increasing blood pressure through vasoconstriction, and enhances the body’s sensitivity to adrenaline and noradrenaline—the hormones of fight-or-flight.
This heightened state continues until orgasm, at which point there is a release of prolactin. Prolactin is what keeps you from having sex again immediately. It’s not normally present in male bodies outside of this time, unless you masturbate so regularly that it begins to build up. It’s a strong sex-suppressant, so if you continue as you are, you’ll start to notice issues with a lack of libido.
More Than You Think

So, you get turned on, you get off, and then you’re all good, right? Well, actually, you’re regularly depleting your adrenal glands, putting stress on your blood vessels, destroying proper cholinergic functions, and creating a chronic hormonal imbalance. This situation is what’s causing your problem of premature ejaculation.
Touchy Triggers

High blood pressure is one of the triggers for premature ejaculation. So is a weakened parasympathetic nervous system—something that occurs when the body is under stress for a long time, such as when it’s continually exposed to cortisol. Both of these factors alone are dangerous when ongoing—high blood pressure will eventually result in the inability to have a proper erection, while nerve damage in turn creates issues with sexual sensation and erection ability as well.
Heal Thineself

If you aren’t going to cut out the masturbation, you need to bring your numbers way down. Otherwise, you’re going to end up a lot worse off than you are now. I’d also recommend beginning an herbal supplement that’s designed to restore the body in a way that premature ejaculation is no longer an issue. (TRY: Tincture for Ejaculation Control) Cynomorium is an herb that will help to balance your hormones, while Os Draconis is a powerful sedative—counteracting the effects of your excess cortisol. Phellodendron Amurense repairs nerve damage, while Anemarrhena Rhizoma rejuvenates the circulatory system.
You need to begin some sort of detoxifying, healing system soon, if you don’t want to do yourself permanent harm. You’ll also notice an increased ability to withhold orgasm once you deal with the issues you’ve created through masturbation. Try now, before it’s too late!

What to do

Herbal Tincture For Premature Ejaculation

If you're tired of premature ejaculations, its time to take control of your damaged hormonal balance.

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