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Infidelity Cheating in the Office Started by Unsatisfactory Size and Unfulfilling Performance at Home

He is suffering from weak erections which he believes has led to his wife's infidelity. He also wishes to naturally enlarge his penis.
Case #:44175

My suspicion was confirmed. My wife finally confessed to me that she had sex with her colleague in her office. She done with regret since her needs was not fulfilled at home. In a long confession, I learned that she had fantasized at home of that man with a thick cock.

I wish I can just get a quick divorce and not to deal it at all. But we were married for almost ten years with two adorable kids. I still love her and of course she still got a beautiful and sexy body.
From then onward, when my wife & I make love at home, she loses interest after 5 minutes. She hint that my size is not long enough (5.25”) and big enough to hit her g-spot. Which techniques that can help me lengthen and thicken my penis size quick? I am afraid if nothing was changed, she will become unfaithful again, which will come to divorce.
First of all, there are a number of emotional problems that you and your wife need to deal with. Your erectile dysfunction and small penis size are no excuse for your wife to be cheating on you!
But we will help you with your physiological problem and you might seek additional counseling to save your marriage. First and foremost, you are suffering from a weak erection. A weak erection is caused by insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissue or when the tissue is incapable of holding blood. When there is insufficient blood flow, the penis cannot fully expand.
Case Study Highlights

Summary: Cheating wife wanting his husband to have larger penis size. Divorce or conquer her with larger penis
Your Solution: Penile Girth Growth Technique & Finger Plier Screwing Technique
Helpful Guide: Penis Enlargement Guide & Technique Overview
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>I need help. Masturbation shrinks both my penis and testicles [Azad Zeki]
My size used to be 6.2", but now is 5.4", It's 5.2" when in normal position. I masturbate before sex to make sure I can last longer for my finance.
>I have 6-inch dick. But my wife can't orgasm [Kapoor Lata]
I have 6-inch dick. But my wife can't orgasm even with my average sized erected fully. Is my size an issue?
>Is it true that most Asian women desired longer penises? [Miguel Zimmerman]
I met this Japanese cutie. I am bit embarrased to say that she was expected me to have a big penis like the porn star...
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Finger Plier Screwing Technique

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