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Keep Cumming and She’s Going: A Technique to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

He can’t keep from cumming. His girlfriend is fed up, and doesn’t want to have sex anymore. Nothing seems to prevent him from cumming too quickly, even masturbating. What can he do to keep himself from orgasming?
Case #: 1920

I have a serious problem. I can’t stop myself from cumming. I try as hard as I possibly can during sex to keep going without cumming, but when the moment comes I can’t stop. My girlfriend says she doesn’t even want to have sex anymore cuz she never has a chance to cum herself. I’ve tried all kinds of things, even masturbating first, but nothing works. I don’t want to lose my girlfriend. Can you solve my problem?

It sounds like you tend to have an exceptionally sensitive penis. That’s great—for you. For women, it could certainly prove to be a problem, as it will definitely tend to keep them unsatisfied in the long run. What I think could most help you is sensation control. Similar to stretching, you push only as far as you can go, then take a break. You’ll increase your tolerance and your understanding of your own body.
Practice What You Teach

The only problem is that for sensation control to work properly during intercourse, you’ll have to practice whilst you’re having actual intercourse. Probably your girlfriend isn’t going to be super keen. However, if you clearly framed a certain sex session for practice alone, I’m sure your girlfriend would be much more willing to go along with it.
Red Light, Green Light

The technique consists of you engaging in sex until right before the turning point of orgasm. When you reach this point, you have to immediately stop. After the impending orgasm sensation has died away, you can continue having sex. You can see why we might find this movement irritating, but it will, without a doubt, assist you in controlling your orgasms in the future.
The start/stop technique is a common way for men to control their emissions during sex, and it tends to drive us up the wall. You’ve probably done it yourself on some occasion. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t allow us to build up to our own orgasm. Women need almost continual stimulation to reach orgasm, and by stopping a particular sensation, our bodies tend to redirect negatively and plateau our arousal.
Herbal Helpers

But besides actual practice, there are some herbs that can assist you in controlling your ejaculations. This formula contains many phytochemical-rich plants such as Epimedium and Cistanche that result in a testosterone boost for you. (SEE: Stop and Start Technique for Ejaculation Control) The more testosterone you have, the stronger and steadier your erection will be. It also makes use of Tribulus to combat excess anxiety, another factor that could be impelling your ejaculations.
Hold Back

I’m sure that if you simply practice a bit of controlled restraint, you will soon find yourself able to sustain your sexual congress much longer than you would have ever thought possible. Your girlfriend will be happy, and I think you’ll find your orgasms are improved as well. It’s true that by delaying orgasm, the resulting explosion is greatly enhanced. Maybe you can try for simultaneous orgasm! Best luck in your adventures.

What to do

Herbal Companion Stop-Start Premature Ejaculation Method

The Stop-Start Method is a form of training a man to control his ejaculatory reflexes. Similar to the Taoist Control Technique, it helps a man understand and measure his sexual sensations.

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